Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Part 2 Mississippi Goddam Hurricane

... continuing from yesterdays post.

While investigating the documentary, 4 Little Girls (the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing), I came across the following: Poll: "I Have a Dream": Film that Best Depicts the Fight for Civil Rights.  It was an ad/poll with a list of films to vote on.   Not that I wanted to vote, butt it provided information that I felt was worth investigating, especially considering that Martin Luther King, Jr, who wrote "I Have a Dream" (his famous speech), celebrates the same birthday of my son and life partner-- January 15th.

The list of films provided by the site is long, so I decided to limit my search by investigating only the films released in a year that consists of three identical numbers at the end, which left me with 1999 and 2000.  There were two films, one released in 1999 and the other in 2000, butt one stood out:
The Hurricane (1999 film) 
The "Hurricane" in the title is a reference to a notable person, however, hurricanes do play a significant role in why the inner twin world are "coming out" and "communicating" to us at this point in time.

We are for the most part, aware that hurricanes are getting worse each year, butt what most aren't aware of just yet, is the true reasons as to why.  People believe the propaganda presented: that it's due to global warming... end of story, and even though global warming is a contributor, it's not the main one.  What we are experiencing is the tail end of a natural cycle that occurs with the Ice Age we are presently in... the part of the cycle involving the end of this present day interglacial episode.  It's a cycle, and this means that as long as this Ice Age is still alive and well, that at some point the light will switch on to set in motion the next part of the cycle: a glacial episode.

For nature to build huge glaciers (miles high and stretching across continents)- a glacial episode that lasts around 75,000 years, it needs to drive tons of moisture to the skies in thenorthern hemisphere where it can then turn to snow, sleet and hail.  It's the ocean currents that drive the warm winds that circumvent the globe around the equator, and because the Panama of Isthmus serves as a barrier that diverts this activity, the Northern Hemisphere reaps the benefits when it's moderate, butt in the case of too much of this activity, then the North reaps the havoc ... the hurricanes.  And as this escalates, the bigger hurricanes brings so much ice and snow that mighty glaciers form.

I believe that the inner twin world have led us here... to this film, The Hurricane, in order to communicate something of great importance... a foreboding, which is why this film was designedto debut  in 1999 and not 2000.  The triple 999 in the year communicates great sadness/distress and the reason I know this, is because of another hidden design feature that involves the number 9, and that is the left bracket "(" that shares the same key as the 9 on my computer key board coupled with the fact that this bracket is used to make the unhappy emoticon:
Although there is a film in the list that comes out in the year 2000... which I did investigate, the 1999 film, evidence found on 'The Hurricane' proved to have the trumping hand.  So if you care to follow my lead I'll show you what I mean.  The first thing I did in launching into my investigation, is to check out two things: the films release date and the date of birth and/or death of the main actor:
Release dates
  • December 29, 1999
Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr. (born December 28, 1954) 
So what we now have occurring, is a "December 28, 29/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  AND, a heads up... a prompt for us to continue investigating.

To bee continued...