Thursday, July 9, 2015

... (Part 5) Denver's Different Directions

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Some other albums from John Denver's list of discography stand out:
The first one stands out due to it's title, and because it came out in the twin year '77.  The Second stands out again due to the title and the twin year '88.  The third one stands out due to the title being an addition to the "Flower" and "Stone" pattern-cluster.  Just read my posts of the last three days and follow the leads and you'll come to understand what these two things, living and innate, mean to the inner twin world.  Finally we come to the last one... Different Directions... the title is an addtion to the "About Face/Reversal/Opposites" pattern-cluster... and do note the year --a combination of 19 and 91 which are the same numbers but "reversed"... "different directions".  Perhaps John had picked up on this... and note the album cover : 

Different Directions (John Denver album).jpg
What's audd, is that in the image where he is upside down, it appears he's in the water... his plane had gone into a dive... hit the water and resulted in his death.  

Released24 September 1991