Sunday, February 26, 2017

Wright Penn (Mad, Part 3)

The last few days I watched the first segment of the tv series Designated Survivor, and found it  captivating.  As I was watched, there's an instance where one of the characters names himself: Seth Wright, his surname an addition to the "Wright/ Write Right" pattern-cluster.  I often use "wright" in place of "write" when referring to this blog given that it entails "writing the truth".

Venturing to the series wiki page, I note the following information on the actor who played the part as Seth Wright (White House Press Secretary).
His surname Penn jives with his character surname, Wright.    

I find it fitting that Canadian actor Kieffer Sutherland plays the part of US President, given that his grandfather, Tommy Douglas, played a key role in Canadian politics, having brought Medicare. Note from Tommy Douglas' wiki page:
Today being February 26 means that his own date of death generates a "February 24, _, 26/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Note the following info regarding some of the other members of the tv series:
  • David Mullen (born 26 June 1962 
  • Mckenna Grace (born June 25, 2006      
  • Virginia G. Madsen (born September 11, 1961) 
  • Stephanie Italia Amell (October 29, 1986) 
  • Mariana Klaveno (born October 25, 1979) 
  • Margaret Denise Quigley (born May 22, 1979)
All of the dates stand out for various reasons, butt I'll only concentrate on the first three for now.  Grace's date of birth stands out due to June 25th being the date of death of Michael Jackson, a significant date also because his death is the main reason for this blog as the very first post indicates.  In fact, note this excerpt from my previous post:
What stands out is the mention of Michael Jackson... which brings us back to the first post in this blog that I mention him in my previous post re:
Note this next excerpt from the Designator Survivor regarding the 2nd episode:
2"The First Day"Brad Turner
His name is an addition to the recent "Brad" pattern-cluster that also occurred in yesterdays post, Bristlenote this excerpt:
The two on either side of Lambert both have "Brad" in their names... a definite heads up.  Note the etymology: 
  • brad (n.) ... from root *bhars- "projectile, point, bristle" (see bristle (n.)).
Note from Brad Turner's wiki page:
  • Brad Turner (born June 22) 
So we now have a "June 22, __, 24, 25(x2)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.

Note the following info regarding 2 notable persons mentioned in the side bar on Tommy Douglas' wiki page:
  • David Lewis (June 23, or October 1909 – May 23, 1981) 
  • Thomas Miller (July 21, 1876 - June 20, 1945) 
And so we now have a "June 20, __, 22, 23, 24, 25(x2)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  And note the following info regarding other notable persons mentioned on Tommy Douglas' wiki page:
John Michael Uhrich(June 7, 1877 – June 15, 1951)
William John Patterson (May 13, 1886 – June 10, 1976) 
Frank Lindsay Bastedo (April 12, 1886 – December 9, 1973)
Woodrow Stanley Lloyd (July 16, 1913 – April 7, 197 
Colin Cameron (September 28, 1896 – July 28, 1968)
Erhart Regier (January 15, 1916 - October 22, 1976) 
Edward James Young (January 16, 1878 – October 17, 1966)
Eric Bowness McKay (26 November 1899 – 20 February 1994
George Levi Crane (May 24, 1891[1] – 1952[2])
George VI ( 14 December 1895 – 6 February 1952)
Elizabeth II (born 21 April 192
Going now to the wiki page of  Kieffer Sutherland's mother, actress Shirley Douglas, note this excerpt: 

 In 2006, she portrayed former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in the ABC mini-series The Path to 9/11.

Directed byDavid L. Cunningham
Barclay Hope (born February 25, 1958)
Amy Marie Madigan[1] (born September 11, 1950)
Trevor Alan White (born October 26, 1970)