Tuesday, February 21, 2017


On Facebook today, a friend mentions bumping into Astronaut Chris Hadfield at her local Pharmacy.  The meeting, seemingly by chance, began as he got out of his car parked next to hers while she was putting on her little girls hat.  He remarked to Allura, that he liked her hat.  My friend explains what happened next:

 As I stood up I turned to smile at him and I stopped mid smile.
"Are you who I think you are?"

One of the response to her thread points out a recent article indicating that Hadfield is in NS:
ICYMI: Chris Hadfield brings a taste of space to Symphony Nova Scotia
  • The first Canadian to walk in space was also the man whose signature musical presence, guitar strumming and vocal stylings in space caught the attention of adoring fans everywhere.
Now note from his wiki page:
Perhaps it's nothing... butt then again?!   Note the following information recently added to the Deaths in 2017 site listed under February 19:
John S. Wold, 100, American politician, U.S. House of Representatives from Wyoming's at-large congressional district(1969–1971) 
Note from his wiki page:
  •  John Schiller Wold (August 31, 1916 – February 19, 2017)
His birthday is the same as Megan MacGregor-- the daughter of Rob and Trish MacGregor who I mention in my posts today and yesterday.  Note her 'audd' surname... an addition to the "Add a letter, name becomes Word" pattern-cluster... which in this case: add a "u" to get "would".

And it doesn't end there. On Hadfield's wiki page, of the first 3 notable persons mentioned in the NASA Experience section, two stand out due to their birthdays:
  • Dafydd Rhys "Dave" Williams (born May 16, 1954 
  • Pavel Vladimirovich Vinogradov (born August 31, 1953)