Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pelican... pelicans... pelican

Continuing from my previous post,, I couldn't help butt think it 'audd' that an artist would paint ducks in his funky Florida landscape.  It seems much more likely to me that what the MacGregor's think are ducks, are really pelican's-- that abound in Florida.
On Mike Segal's website, I peruse his many prints and it soon becomes obvious that they are indeed pelicans. So now, consider the print in the MacGregor's possession, and then another of Mike's prints entitled "Two Pelicans":

Fishing Print featuring the painting Fishing With Mom At Cedar Key by Mike Segal

Pelicans Print featuring the painting Two Pelicans On The Pier-cedar Key by Mike Segal
Two Pelicans

And so leaving no stone unturned, we now venture to the pelican' side wiki page, and to this image:

  • Group of pelicans in captivity covered with oil
The image of pelicans covered in oil after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.  There is a reason why this event now stands out that I'll cover in my next post.