Sunday, February 12, 2017


Continuing on with the "FIDO" series of posts, note this excerpt from the previous post:
So the cluster now expands into a "June 6, 7(x3), _, 9/ date sequence" pattern-cluster.  
So with June 8 needing to be investigates and because "dog I decided to google
  • famous dog born on June 8
What came up:
... Actress Kathy Baker (Mad Dog and Glory
Note the surname "Baker" an addition to the "Hot/Cook" pattern-cluster... a word that means much-- to the inner twin cryptic way of speaking that is.  
Katherine Whitton "Kathy" Baker (born June 8, 1950) 
On her wiki page I found a film that stood out:
2011Seven Days in UtopiaMabel
It's just that "Utopia" had cropped up in yesterdays post re: FIDO.  On the films wiki page one of the actors stands out:
The inner twin world are renown for their "fowling" -- the tricksters.  I was able to discover their existence due to their "fowling" in my life-- my car crash of December 13, 2000 being a prime example.  Now note from Fowler's wiki page:
  • Rick Yutaka Fowler (born December 13, 1988)
Note this next excerpt from his wiki page:
The name "Lovemark" is interesting enough... and this reminds me of the unusual birthmark of my new grandson, Emmanuel.  Most birthmarks are red, butt in this case it's whitish and perfectly round-- like a coin-- about the size of a Canadian nickel.  Note from Lovemarks wiki page:
 Jamie Lovemark (born January 23, 1988) 
 My grandsons birthday is January 23.