Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Prince of Acadia

I asked my daughter why they chose the name Emmanuel (nickname "Manny").

 "Many years ago", she said "long before meeting Nick, after watching Run Lola Run, I liked the name, "Manni" (one of the characters), and thought it would be a nice name for my own son one day".  And so "Manny" has arrived...with a slight spelling variation in his nick name.

On the films wiki page I notice the Release Date had occurred on my fathers birthday:
Release date
  • 20 August 1998
Note this next excerpt from the films wiki page:
Note from the wiki pages of the three mentioned:
  • Moritz Johann Bleibtreu (born 13 August 1971)
  • Tom Tykwer (born 23 May 1965) 
  • Franka Potente (born 22 July 1974) 
Tom Tykwer stands out.  For one, he was born on the day of the year where 222 days remains, secondly his first name, Tom, means "twin", and third, his surname Tykwer is a cryptic "Ty kwer": Ty is short for Týr, a Nordic God of single combat; and kwer is an old word as this etymology indicates:                                                
  • karma (n.)... from PIE root *kwer- "to make, form"...   
The name of the Norse God Týr, is the basis for our word "Tuesday" ... and do note the "2" within.
Note from Týr's wiki page:
  • The t-rune  is named after Týr...
So it appears that our letter "T" originates with the Nordic God.  It's interesting to note that the letter "S" is next to the letter "T" in our alphabet... and the "ess" ending is used to signify "feminine"... and so I can't help butt wonder if "S" is a residual of the sacred feminine-- goddess.

And now for the actor who played Manni, Note from Moritz Bleitreau's wiki page:
Note from the wiki pages of the three mentioned:
  • Hans Brenner (born 14 September 1912) 
  • Monica Bleibtreu (May 4, 1944 – May 13, 2009)  
  • Hedwig Bleibtreu (23 December 1868 – 24 January 1958) 
We now have an "__, August 13, September 14/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  And because my birthday is June 13, we also have a "May 13, June 13, __, August 13/ 13th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.   These gapped clusters are purposeful-- designed as a means of prompting us to investigate the missing days, in this case July 12 and July 13, and interestingly enough, the two gaps generate another gapped cluster "__, July 12, 13, __/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  I'll save investigating the gaps for later.  In the meantime, on Hedwig's wiki page one of her films stands out:
1932The Prince of Arcadia
The title  grabbed my attention... the word Arcadia has significance that you can read about
in my earlier Toumai blog, a 2009 post entitled the Star and the Star Fish, note this excerpt:

No one actually knows where the name Acadia comes from. Some think that it was derived from Arcadia, a peaceful paradise found in ancient Greece... and then some say it is from the Mi’kmaq word “akadique”, meaning a beautiful place. Who knows, maybe the name comes from the same source... maybe the Mi’Kmaq are originally from Arcadia... or maybe the stories of Henry Sinclair are true, that he had along with the last knights Templar had fled in their armada to live among the Mi’Kmaq for a spell... and perhaps Sinclaire would tell his new Mi’kmaq friends in this far off land of a beautiful place called Arkadia.