Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mel Farr RIIP: The Great Melt Afarr

The Deaths in 2015 lists under August 3:
Mel Farr, 70, American football player (Detroit Lions)
Two things stand out, the cryptic phrase in his name re "melt farr" ... which jives with my previous posts that reference the previous glacial episode and that we are nearing the end of our interglacial episode, with the "melt farr" being a reference to the glacial ice afar that is still melting away... and of course this in itself equates to rising sea levels!!  The second thing that stands out is that he played for the Detroit Lions... an addition to the recent "Lion/Leo/Cat/Katz/August/Katniss..." pattern-cluster.

Note from Mel Farr's wiki page:

Mel Farr.jpg
Farr from 1965 UCLA yearbook
No. 22
Melvin Farr (November 3, 1944 – August 3, 2015) 
Again, twin 22 crops up as does the twin 44, reminding me of my earlier post re Obama's birthday being August 3rd and he's the 44th President of the US.  A lot of parallel's there!!