Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jon Craig & Yvonne Craig RIIIIP: Craggy Hill House in the Trees

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under August 16 and 17 respectively:
Together they form a "Craig" pattern-cluster.  Two unrelated notable persons surnamed "Craig" passing away within a day of each other is not coincidence.  Their deaths are "timely"-- influenced by their inner twin's who chose to die at a specific time in order to facilitate with "coming out" and "communicating" to us, and as part of a mandate to save the future and their loved ones.

On  Jon Craig's wiki page one thing stood out: his home built in  PinehavenUpper Hutt was

dubbed the "house in the trees" and won an NZIA national award in 1990. 

What stood out, was the name "Pinehaven" because in yesterdays post, August 19: Prisoners!!, the word "Pine" factors in a pretty big way, and in fact, all through the month of August, "Tree's" are a common theme (check the titles).  Note the following excerpt from the post, August 19: Prisoners!!:
pine stands out for another reason, one that has to do with my novel that I've been posting on line, and in particular, the following excerpt from August 17 post re, Chapter 11: Death and Demons:
  • There was no warning, the lightning and thunder were simultaneous and struck with a force that shook the entire knoll.   The Bahr-Bahr hunters who had just left their huddle in hot pursuit of their leader didn't stand a chance, the mighty pine that was their refuge exploded into a splintering mass off debris.
What I refer to as a "knoll", is a rocky outcrop on a beach-- a "tidal Island" with sheer rocky cliffs on three sides and the fourth a somewhat more gradual rocky slope (from the cliff's face falling away). So now consider the name Craig and it's etymology (original meaning):

  • crag (n.)... Old Irish... carrac "cliff," Welsh craig "rock, stone,"...
This once again is not coincidence.  My inner twin influenced me to 'wright' (write/right) the novel, which I completed a few years back, and now I'm simply editing and downloading chapters (in a blog) as I find time.  The outcrop of land in the novel and a lone pine at the top, features strongly throughout the first section (14 chapters).  Note this description of the knoll from Chapter 2 of the book posted on December 19, 2014 entitled, Baited Breath:

  • As Jayah reached the last leg of her journey, she stared across the golden sands that stretched to the craggy outcrop that towered more than 65 feet straight up. As with many outcrops on the shoreline, this one became an island as the tide rose, a feature of great value to her people, enabling them on many occasion to evade hunters like the ones pursuing Jayah at the very moment. The outcrop extended to the entire width of the sandy beach, its very tip touching the sea. Jayah was more than familiar with this outcrop. She knew that it ranged from 100-200 feet across and was also relatively flat on top, and so enabling a variety of flora— moss, juniper, low lying shrubs and at the very tip that hung over the sea, one very tall pine. That a single tree had been able to grow to such enormous size and on such a vulnerable perch was nothing short of miraculous...
I highlighted in green, two key phrases, and note the use of "craggy" in the first!!   Now venturing to the wiki page of where Jon Craig built his home, note from the section entitled, History :  

Now note from Barton's wiki page:

Richard Barton (30 August 1790 – 20 August 1866)
Note his date of death... very meaningful considering that TODAY is August 20th!!   His birth date also stands out due to the following from yesterdays post, :
  • Michael Michele (born August 30, 1966) 
  • Michael's birthday is an additon to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster as in one off from the significant date of "August 31", which I won't go into detail about except to say that by reading posts over the last two months you'll soon get the jest.