Thursday, August 20, 2015

Egon Bahr RIIP: Egg On... Wake Up!!

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under August 20:
Egon Bahr, 93, German politician, co-creator of the Ostpolitik
The first thing that stands out is his surname "Bahr", given that this is the very word I use (made up) in my novel that I discussed in my earlier post today.  Note this excerpt from the post:
...excerpt from August 17 post re, Chapter 11: Death and Demons
  • There was no warning, the lightning and thunder were simultaneous and struck with a force that shook the entire knoll.   The Bahr-Bahr hunters who had just left their huddle in hot pursuit of their leader didn't stand a chance, the mighty pine that was their refuge exploded into a splintering mass off debris.
The word "Bahr" was introduced in my novel (Book 1) at the very first chapter, Rite of Passage, that was posted on December 19, 2014, note this excerpt:
  • Of all the predators that roamed the the great plains and nearby forest, it was the bahr that clan members feared most, the largest and most fearsome of bears that was as ugly as it was mean. 

Getting back now to Egon Bahr, note this quote from his wiki page:

  • "I have only ever been interested in ‘’Deutschlandpolitik’’. I didn’t become a Social Democrat in order to socialize banks. No, I became a Social Democrat because I was of the opinion that Adenauer did not really mean it [that Germany should be reunited], and that Schumacher really did mean it. I was always certain that Reunification would finally be achieved. I never lost that conviction."
There are just a few notable persons mentioned on his wiki page, two of whom in the above quote, and after investigating their wiki pages, one stands out due to his date of death:

  • Kurt Ernst Carl Schumacher (13 October 1895 – 20 August 1952)
So, Egon Bahr passed away on the anniversary of Schumacher's death!!

None of this is coincidence, this is the slight of hand activity... evidence of inner twin infiltration.  It's as simple and as complicated as THAT!!

In my previous post, I provided another excerpt from my novel, one that mentions an outcrop of land, butt what is not mentioned, butt is in the novel, is that the crop of land is named "Ursa Minorica" by the peoples known as the "Dykelanders" who use "Ursa" for "bear", which is also the translation of "Bahr" that's used by the other group of peoples in the novel known as the "Hinterlanders".  It should also be noted that this is also in keeping with the recent "Arthur/Bear/Hurricane/Bad Weather..." pattern-cluster  (the name Arthur means "bear" in origin).  

One las thing to bring to your attention, note the cryptic phrase in the name Egon: "egg on", which is an idiom that means:
  •  "To encourage, goad, or incite someone into action".  
So what we have is a communication.  My Tou Sense Worth: the inner twin world are "egging us on" in order to bring to light a life threatening dilemma that we are being led astray from-- the next Glacial Episode (an IceAge cycle, with the other being an Interglacial Episode).  The fact of the matter is that we are in an IceAge, and an Interglacial Episode that is coming to an end.  This end is making itself apparent by the exponential increase in Hurricanes (to name butt one weather nemesis).  We are being led down the garden path (as intended by the inner twin world) by experts who falsely claim that this is due to "global warming".  And even though it's true that humans contribute to the warming, it's nothing compared to nature's contribution-- we are in the final stages of the earths "rebound" at the Northern Hemisphere where the great sheets of glacial ice had once mostly covered, and because we are at the end, the earth is now rebounding exponentially.  In arctic areas small earthquakes are recorded on a daily basis, and you can be sure that the same is happening in areas at the equator and under the sea (where the techtonic plates had been forced out during the last glacial episode-- to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and given the fact that Glacial Ice at the South had also accumulated ... with the two Icecaps acting as a giant vice ).

The inner twin world are taking drastic measures-- sacrificing their own lives because they believe that this is what it will take to get our attention in the nick of time, so we can avert a huge natural disaster that will result in the annihilation of life as we know it... and including the human species.

The inner twin world know us, they know that it won't be enough to simply "come out", they are doing so while in the midst of declaring war-- sacrificing their own lives in the process, butt in this way, they are sure to get our attention... and educating us on the power they have over us.  They are doing so in hopes that we are now mature enough to understand what they are up to, the dilemma faced, so that in the end, we get on board with them.  They need cooperation on a massive level.

With having said all that, and even though we are running out of time, the inner twin world who have it within their power to come out in a BIG BANG (which they still may have to do), they obviously believe that there's enough time to do so in a series of smaller bangs, like my blog.  They are genius after all and so they are applying genius as strategists in this war against us... a war designed to wake us.