Friday, August 21, 2015

Lev Durov & Harry Volkman RIIIIP: Lion, Bear and Hairy People Man

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under August 20: 
What immediately drew me to this notable death, is that he's Russian... and the Bear is associated with Russia, and given the recent and prolific "Bear/Bahr/... Bad Weather..." pattern-cluster.   The etymology of his first name: Lev: Means "lion" in Russian...a form of LeoSo, we have another addition to the recent "Lion/Leo..." pattern-cluster, and two additions to the "Animal/Pets..." pattern-cluster (after all, bears and lions can be pets 'wright'!!).  Hmm, I wonder if Lev is a LEO (according to either Sidereal or tropical astrology), note from Lev's wiki page:
Lev Konstantinovich Durov (December 23, 1931 - August 20, 2015) 
Definitely not a Leo.  So from here I decided to check out the Wikipedia source: Russian Bear.  First I discover that the "double headed eagle" is the coat of arms for Russia, and then I found this: 
United Russia Logos.svgCoincidentally, the surname of Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president elected in 2008, is the possessive adjective of медведь: i.e. his surname means "of a bear".
Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev (born 14 September 1965)
It's interesting to also note that  Medvedev is a member of the ruling Party, the emblem o which depicts a bear (see at right).  

Going now to Lev's wiki page, I first investigate the two films that were released during years that contain twin or triple identical numbers at the end:
The link to the film "Nose", brought me to the wiki page of noses and not the film.  Audd though,  the first nose displayed on the site is a dogs. So I guess this constitutes as an addition to yesterdays "Dog/Pets" pattern-cluster.  As for the second film, there was only one actress with a wiki page:
Zinaida Sharko (born 14 May 1929)
Her surname stands out for sure... definitely another animal, though not great as a pet given the nasty bite, butt then again lions, bears and dogs have been known to bite (butt they're cuter and cuddlier).  I also happen to notice a cryptic phrase in her first name re "zin aid a" and so it's off to see if the etymology dictionary has anything on "zin".  Note the first thing brought up:
So we now get a cryptic "bite aid a shark o".  This reminds me of Bethany Hamilton-- surfer who lost her arm from "tiger" shark bite!! I posted about it On Feb 25: 
Terry Gill RIIP (Part 2): Dun Dee , Done $ Door.  Also bringing to mind the film "Sharknado" (a combination of Shark and Tornado), and especially at this moment, given the "Tornado" pattern-cluster in my previous post AND this most recent addition to the cluster:
Volkman was listed on the Deaths in 2015 site, having died on the exact same day as Lev Durov!!  AND, there's definitely a "Tornado" pattern-cluster theme in the works!!  His name contains a cryptic phrase re "hairy scarey people man" (volk means folk... hence people).

 by Lorenz Frølich 
On the first films wiki page, Sharknado, the surname of 7 actors listed form a cryptic phrase: Ziering/Reid/Heard/ PeeplesHittingerRist  Wolfe (the ring read heard peoples hitting 'er wrist wolf) ...It is cryptic and not easy to decipher, butt the "hitting 'er wrist wolf" part  reminds me of Norse Mythology: the god "Týrwho hand is bitten off by a wolf (From this god comes our words "two" and "Tuesday"). That the image of  Týr" provided is by Lorenz Frølich, is pertinent when considering the following info from his wiki page:
Lorenz Frølich  (25 October 1820 in Hellerup – 25 October 1908)
Not only did he die on his birthday hence generating an "October 25" pattern-cluster, butt October 25 is an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster given that three members of my life partners family were born on this day on differing years, two of who are brother and sister (Bob, Katie, Nick).

The following actor from  Sharknado stands out due to the twin letters and the part he played as "Fin's right-hand man".. and given that Tyr's "right" hand at the "wrist" was severed: 
 Jaason Simmons (born 12 July 1970) 
His birthday and  the release date of the film  form a "July 11, 12/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster:
Original release
  • July 11, 2013
It's also interesting to note that many of the film's character has the surname "Shepard"... hence reminding me of the German Shepherd ... the dog that looks like a wolf.  Finally I should also mention that I wrote an earlier post about the film, note the following excerpt from my Feb 27, 2015, Sharknado and March 30
  • Cassandra Lynn "Cassie" Scerbo (born March 30, 1990)
  • Ian Andrew Ziering(born March 30, 1964) 
  • Jason Lawrence Simmons (born March 30, 1976 
As you can see, I had recorded 3 as having been born on March 30th.  This could have been a mistake by Wikipedia who have since corrected-- Simmons is now listed as being born on July 12!!   Regardless, this is likely a mistake made on purpose-- figures into the inner twin scheme of things.  I checked the dates via the IMBd page and they all jive with that of Wikipedia.  

Going now to Sharknado II, and because the list of actors is way too long, I decided on two because of their surnames  ... and then what I then found on their wiki page, even more so: 
The surname Fox is an addition to the "Animal" pattern-cluster theme... and related to dog/wolf/bear, and note the part she played "Skye"... so hurricanes, tornadoes and sharknado's come from the sky!!  The surname "Shepis" reminds he again of the German Shepherd so that's why I decided to check her out... and of course we all know what her birthday represents-- the events of 9/11 (the day of the year that also happens to have 111 days remaining!!!).  So Fox's birthday won't mean much until you see the date that the film was released:
Original release
  • July 30, 2014

Now getting back to Lev Durov, I decided to use my Tou Sense nose to sniff out one of his films:
It's the "coffin maker" (part he played in the film) that stands out... given that this blog in general, investigates the "timely" deaths of notable persons.  There's also the cryptic phrase in the word "Capuchines" re "cap you chin/shin es"  or "cap ewe shines" (both are meaningful in the cryptic sense, butt I won't bother explaining... too much detail).  The etymology dictionary reveals that the word Capuchines is a hood/cloak.   Now going to the list of actors on the films wiki page, two stand out:
The both have the same first names (which by the way has the original meaning: "birth"... and "Christmas Day").   Note from their wiki pages:

  • Natalya Fateyeva (born 23 December 1934)
  • Natalia Leonidovna Belogortseva  (born 24 November 1938 )
Neither were born on Christmas day, butt the first was born on the same day as Lev: 
Lev Konstantinovich Durov ( December 23, 1931 - August 20, 2015)
The second's birthday is an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, in that my mothers birthday is November 23.   Her middle name is an addition to the "Lion/Leo" pattern-cluster.  Note from the wiki page of some of the other Cast: 
  • Leonid Isaakovich Yarmolnik (born January 22, 1954)
  • Galina Polskikh ( born 27 November 1939) 
  • Igor Vladimirovich Kvasha ( February 4, 1933 — August 30, 2012) 
  • Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov (born 17 August 1935)
All the above dates stand out for various reasons except February 4th, butt his date of death stands out given that it's an addition to the recent and prolific "August 30" pattern-cluster.