Thursday, August 6, 2015

Irving Harper RIIP: The Irving/Harper Canada Deal

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under August 4:
Irving Harper, 99, American industrial designer
What struck me is that both his first and last names are meaningful from my perspective (as intended).  For one, Stephen Harper is our 22nd Prime Minister here in Canada, and second, Irving Ship Yards are prominent here in Nova Scotia, and more so now with the Harper Governments contract being given to Irving to build a new Canadian fleet of war ships ($25 Billion) and just recently the Harper & Irving Signed a Deal To Build 5 Arctic Patrol Ships.

My Tou Sense Worth: the inner twin world are expressing their dissatisfaction with the deal, and as indicated by the fact that Irving Harper "timely" death occurred at the twin age of 99.  The number 9 shares the same key on my computer keyboard as the "(" left bracket, which is used to make the down turned mouth of the "unhappy" emoticon:

  • Irving Harper (July 14, 1916 – August 4, 2015) 
 Note the following information from the wiki pages of four notable persons mentioned on Irving Harper's wiki page:
Raymond Loewy died on Irving Harpers birthday hence generating a "July 14" pattern-cluster.  The surname Loewy, according to my etymology research, comes from "Lowey":
  • Lowey : ...the original Mac giolla Dhubhthaigh, which translates as the follower of St Dubhtagh
  • DUBHTHACH derived from dubh "dark, black"
This is not the first time that "Black" has cropped up and nor is it the first time that the word "low" has cropped up either.   Simply reading my post over the last couple of days will bring you up to date on the "Black" and "Low" pattern-cluster.   Note the various etymology:
  • low (adj.) "not high," late 13c., from lah (late 12c.)
  • low (v.)... hlowan "...PIE root*kele- (2) "to shout" (claim ).
  • low (n.2) "hill," obsolete except in place names, hlaw "hill...
Audd that "hill" is one of the older definitions?!  Butt then again, when you understand that the TUSSH (the Two United Structure System Home) was an ancient home designed by our ancestors who lived adjacent to the great Eurasian Glaciers during the last Glacial Episode up until it ended over 15,000 years ago, and that a key design feature is that it was nestled in a Pingo (a volcano shaped hill with a core of Ice-- a phenomena that occurs in permafrost lands... which there was plenty of during glacial times).  I know this because of evidence found in our very words... such as the etymology's of the word "low" to name butt three!!  If you go to my Toumai Blog, and to my February 26, 2010 post, HELP IS KELP ? (update added), you'll find there a cross section diagram of the ancient home as well as this excerpt from the post that connects to the PIE root *Kele of the verb low (see above):

  • Before I go on any further, let's look at another word that is related to "Help" and "Kelp"-- "Cell".  Check out the etymology:   cell: c.1131, "small room,"  from PIE base *kel- "conceal, hide" (cf. Skt. cala "hut, house, hall;" Gk. kalia "hut, nest," kalyptein "to cover," koleon "sheath," kelyphos "shell, husk;" L. cella "store room," clam "secret;" O.Ir. cuile "cellar," celim "hide," M.Ir. cul "defense, shelter;" Goth. hulistr "covering," O.E. heolstor "lurking-hole, cave, covering," Goth. huljan "cover over," hulundi "hole," hilms "helmet," halja "hell,"O.E. hol "cave," holu "husk, pod").
As you can see, the similarity to the PIE base *Kel to *Kele, is unmistakeable.  The definitions: hill, hole, conceal, help, shelter/house/nest, and even kelp are connected to the ancient TUSSH, another design feature of which is a "clear roof" with one of the substances use to make this being rendered "kelp" ... seaweed that turns into a clear glue like substance(with hardening/preservative agents... such as salt...) and likely a final coating of wax to enable it to withstand the forces of nature for a long enough duration to make it feasible.

The other surname re "Stumpf" is interesting in that it jives along with the recent "Tree/Wood/Forestt..." pattern-cluster.  It is also suggestive of "cutting down the forest"... which makes sense if we are soon to be coming into a glacial event and our vast forests in the north are going to be lost anyway.  Cutting down trees will enable us to preserve/store the vast resource that will otherwise be lost and it will enable us to store soil that will also be lost under deep layers of snow and ice... which we can then use for in the TUSSH green house homes.  Hey... I'm all for saving forests, butt we are being left with having to make a choice with no other choice, its as simple and as complicated as that, and besides, the TUSSH will enable us to preserve forests as our lands in the Northern Hemisphere becomes covered with glacial ice miles thick... the TUSSH ... the newer designs will rise with the ice!!

Note this next excerpt from  Irving Harper's wiki page:

11. "Greenhouse", Factor and Offices I William McDounough + Partners
It's interesting that this should be there, especially given that another design feature of  the TUSSH is that it's a greenhouse as well as home.

My Tou Sense Worth: the inner twin world wants Irving and Harper to "Leave itt" (see previous post), and put together a new design... not one to battle each other, butt to battle a much greater foe that is dangerously close.  We need the ancient TUSSH, butt we need it to suit our modern tastes... we are much more mature now, and we owe it all to the inner twin world who have brought us to this point (painfully so), and we owe it to them, butt we owe it mostly to our children and their children who will otherwise have NO future!!  We can't afford to wallow in ignorance or fear, we need to step up to the plate.