Monday, August 7, 2017

Great Grey Gore More!!

Continuing on from my previous post, we had left off with this cluster:
  • And we now have a "January 31, March 31(x2), May 31, __, August 31(x2), __, December 31/ 31st Day, Month Sequence, Last Day/End Theme" pattern-cluster
Choosing to bridge the October 31 gap,  we venture to the days wiki page and then use the  formula as per usual, which brings us to a few, butt one in particular who stands out:
The first thing to catch my eye is the "Gregory", given that this name is the origin of MacGregor... a name that factors in much of this blog and in recent posts.  The name has been strategically designed to break down and communicate to us:"great grey gore".  His surname is an addition to the "Remove a Letter Makes a Word" pattern-cluster... as in remove an "o" makes "more", and so we get "great grey gore more"!!

And now note the following info regarding a recent addition to the Deaths in 2017 site:
  • Ernst Zündel  (April 24, 1939 —August 5, 2017) publisher of Holocaust denial 
And the following from yesterdays post, Rob Lemon:
  • Elizabeth "Betty" Cuthbert (20 April 1938 – 6 August 2017)
  • Ira Lonnie Loudermilk (April 21, 1924 – June 20, 1965)
  • Scott Cooper (born April 20, 1970) Director
  • Ivan DeBlois Combe (April 21, 1911 – January 11, 2000) 
So we now have an "April 20(x2), 21(x2), 22, __, 24/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  We could bridge the gap, butt I'll leave it there for now, because there's something else that's caught my eye re the October 31 notable Deaths, on perusing the list on names, many stood out: forming cryptic communication.   So the first name that caught my eye as I scrolled up from Ernst Zundel, is John Houseman-- it was the "House", given especially that a main part of what the inner twin world are trying to convey to us is that our present day "house" construction are inadequate, so note from his wiki page:
  • John Houseman (September 22, 1902 – October 31, 1988) actor, producer, screenwriter 
His date of birth stands out not just because the twin 22 is a particular inner twin trademark, butt because of the following excerpt from yesterdays post, Rob Lemon:
  • Robert Granville Lemon (September 22, 1920 – January 11, 2000)
The name Robert Lemon has cryptic other meaning, one that you can learn about by keying "lemon" into this blogs search box. 
The "lemon" connects to Rob MacGregor, a key player in the inner twin world's "Starr Family Production", and to learn more check out my October 22, 2015 post, Liberal Red Win & Blue Jay Win (Part 3): Bob Lemon....  , note this excerpt from the post:
  • Believe it or not, butt the "lemons Roberts" makes sense when considering that in my previous post, I had highlighted in "lemon yellow" the dates that cropped up making up the "May 14, 15, 16 (x2)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster., and I had done so deliberately, because in the cluster is May 16th, which is "Rob" MacGregor's birthday ... and because he's yellow (in more ways than one)
I also noticed listed immediately above John Houseman is a Robert, whose surname, Mulliken, is a cryptic"mule liken", and yes, Rob MacGregor is like a mule... stubborn, note from Mulliken's wiki page:
And his birthday stands out because Trish MacGregor's birthday is June 7... she's the wife of Rob and another key player in the inner twin worlds Starr Family Production.  Simply key in "Happy Birthday Trish" in this blogs search box and you'll see that it's a date that crops up often... and for a reason.  And immediately above Robert Mulliken is another name that stands out... given that Poul is french for chicken... and what the heck I might as well check out the one below as well
  • 1985 – Poul Reichhardt(2 February 1913 – 31 October 1985) actor and singer 
  • 1988 – Alfred Pellan (born Pelland; 16 May 1906 – 31 October 1988) painter 
Both birthdays are significant, with May 16 also the birthday of Rob MacGregor.   February 2 , 1913 is the 33rd day of the year with 332 days remaining... and so an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, as in one off from 33/333... which it would be had he have been born during a leap year.  And the surname Pelland is a cryptic "skin land".  The number 3 has cryptic other meaning that connects with the # symbol-- the 3 and # share the same key on my keyboard for a reason.  The # symbol has cryptic meaning, one that's understood when considering what it looks like: the cross hatching of woven fabric, and so it means "fabricate/build", and that it is "one off" is designed in this case to communicate that we are "off track" from building what it is they want us to build: a new house design... that is referred to as the "TUSSH (the Two United Structure System Home)"... a home that's designed to protect/save lives... and more... to save the future.  

Scrolling down the list from Ernst Zundel, the name that stands out the most is Bobby Parker.  For one he's another addition to the "Robert/Bob (cut short/float)/Rob (steal) Theme" pattern-cluster, and there's also his surname Parker that has a hidden cryptic meaning... one that again points directly to the MacGregor's.  Again, by keying "Parker" into this blogs search box, you'll learn more about the cryptic meaning behind the name.  Note from his wiki page:
  • 2013 – Bobby Parker (August 31, 1937 – October 31, 2013) singer-songwriter 
His birthday, August 31 is also the birthday of Megan MacGregor, the daughter of Rob and Trish. And not to mention that this date cropped up twice in yesterdays posts, note the following excerpt from, 2 BADD 4 U... James:
  •  Arthur Wade Wade-Evans (31 August 1875  4 January1964) 
And do note the "twin" Wade in his name... another trade mark signature of the inner twin world.  As well, his birthday is the same as Megan MacGregor (simply key "Happy Birthday Megan" in this blogs search box, and you'll see plenty of evidence in support of this... or you can find the evidence on the MacGregor's blog by doing the same... that is, if their blog is still up) 
This was enough for me... enough to warrant further investigation.  Note the following info regarding the other notable Deaths on October 31 who are listed below the year 2000:
As you can see, we have another August 31 and May 16.  What you also need to take note of are the three that generate a "__, June 27, July 27(x2), __/ 27th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster... because this concerns Megan MacGregor who is at the moment, 27 years of age... and note two titles of yesterdays posts and then two others made last month:
 There are two other names to consider in the above: Anger and Savage... they jive... an addition to the recent "Anger/ Madd Theme" pattern-cluster.  And it dawned on me that the word "danger" breaks down into "d anger"... it makes cryptic sense when you understand what "d" represents.  And note the title of my August 2 post: DANGGAR