Thursday, August 10, 2017


The film, Annie's Coming Out -- A Test of Love, still lingers in my mind, so lets look at the plot:
Annie O'Farrell (based on  Anne McDonald) is a 13-year-old girl with cerebral palsy who is unable to communicate and has been living in a government institution from an early age. Jessica Hathaway (based on Rosemary Crossley) is a therapist who learns to communicate with Annie using an alphabet board and comes to believe that although physically disabled, Annie is not intellectually impaired. When Annie turns 18, Jessica begins a legal fight to get her released            
My relationship with the inner twin world parallels that of Rosemary Crossly with Anne McDonald.  Anne McDonald is trapped inside a damaged body that leaves her unable to communicate as people normally do and so is labeled intellectually impaired and subsequently institutionalized.  And then along comes Rosemary who thinks otherwise and helps Annie communicate.  Such is the case with our inner twin's who are trapped inside our conjoined bodies and so unable to communicate as we do in our outer twin world, however it's obvious that they communicate with each other, and now they are reaching out to us because the time is 'wright'.   The inner twin world have the uncanny ability to "influence" our thoughts and actions, and because of this they generate the "pattern-clusters"  to "come out" and "communicate" to us via what I/they refer to as the "Starr Family Production".  This Production is like any play or film-- it has "leading actors", "supporting actors" and those who play a "bit part".  For the most part the players in this production are unaware of the part they play, the slight of hand influence is that subtle.  It's different with me (at the moment anyway), in that I'm aware of the hidden activity (butt only after the fact and because they're in the process of revealing to me as part of their strategy ... this is the role that I've been selected for: interpreter .

While watching the film, there was one part that stood out: after the death of 2 patients, one of the ward nurses tells Hathaway that there will be a third, reiterating that... "the deaths always occurs in three's".  This part of the film is strategic-- a design influence of the inner twin world... a signature of sorts.  And it's no coincidence that many believe that deaths often occur in meaningful groups of 3.  And even the Header of this blog focuses on the death of "3" of the first five US Presidents who died on July 4th (two on the exact day), here's the excerpt from this posts Header:
On July 4th, 3 Of the first "5" US Presidents had died: Jefferson "5" hours before Adams, and Monroe "5" years later on the "55th" Independence Day. 
And on that note, my March 27, 2014 post, Deaths Comes in 3's... and other related posts made earlier on August 9, 2013, High Tower McInnis Cooper, and the following 4 posts made in 2013:  Donna Hightower RIIP: 3 Hightower's and a World Mess...John B. Hightower RIIP;  Magdalene's Low Tower and Time to Pamic and Jack Hightower RIIP: Drawing a Breeze and Sonic Scream), speaks on behalf of a particular group of Deaths that came in three's:
Wikipedia's Deaths in 2013 site includes the following notable persons surnamed "Hightower":
Now if their surnames were Smith, it wouldn't draw much attention... butt we're talking about a name that until then, I hadn't heard of, so the chances of three notable persons named Hightower passing away within just over a month, more than beats the "audds".  And don't overlook the cryptic communication in their names "high tower"... it's no accident that the twin towers of 9/11 were "high towers".  Their deaths are "timely"-- influenced by the inner twin world as part of their "Starr Family Production"... one that communicates that they are waging "WAR" against our outer twin world.  And note the following info regarding John Hightower's date of birth:
  • May 23  is the 143rd day of the year (144th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 222 days remaining until the end of the year.
John Hightower was born on the day of the year where 222 days remain!!  First of all, sequences of 2's are a particular trade mark of the inner twin world, and secondly, today's date, August 10, 2017, is not a leap year and so it's the 222nd day of the year!!:
This is no coincidence or synchronicity, butt "timely" in meaning that it has cause and effect: it was strategically influenced by the inner twin world.

I know for a fact that the MacGregor's, who are also key players in the Starr Family Production, have come to similar conclusions concerning the "Group of 3 Deaths" phenomena, although they deny the source.  Note the following from one of their post made on March 27, 2009, Fatal Attraction:

We’ve talked about deaths coming in threes, and here’s another example. This time though it’s not celebrities, but employees of Disney World, and one of them played Indiana Jones.
The MacGregor's focus on the one who played Indiana Jones has a reason: author Rob MacGregor has written several Indiana Jones novels.  Butt what of the other two deaths?!  On investigating further I discovered that one of the three stands out in a "timely" manner,  note this excerpt from a news article, Third Disney Worker Dies in Accident : 
Earlier this month, 47-year-old Mark Priest died four days after being injured in a Magic Kingdom show. He was sword-fighting in "Captain Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tutorial"
It's the " Pirate" that stands out.  Note from my recent August 8 post, Roger Roger
  • So  we now have a "Piracy" pattern-cluster in the works.  And take note of the name of the ship he sailed on-- named after President John Adams.  
And so we have another addition to the cluster.  And then note the President mentioned--John Adams. .. one of the three US Presidents who died on July 4!!  And  note the date of death of of the three Disney workers as per his obituary:
  • On July 5, monorail driver Austin Wuennenberg, 21, died... 
And note the following from my recent August 9 and 8 posts , :
  • William John Macquorn Rankine (5 July 1820 – 24 December 1872)
  • Carole Landis  (January 1, 1919 – July 5, 1948) actress
  • And so we now have a "July 1, 2, _, 4(x4), _, 6/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   
So all in all, and by following the inner twin world's lead, we now have a  :
  •  "July 1, 2, _, 4(x4), 5(x3), 6/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   
I will wait on bridging that gap for now.  Coming back to Mark Priest, we have a pretty obvious phrase "mark priest".  And his surname stands out due to this excerpt from my previous post: 
...  check out the surname Lamme -- a cryptic "Lamb me/Lame me"!!  This jives with the previous posts "December 25(x5)/Christmas Day" pattern-cluster... and jiving with the "Bachelor" of my previous post... because "Jesus Christ" was born on Chrismas, was a Bachelor (that we know of), AND was considered the meek/sacrificial "Lamb of God"!! 
It's more of a "Jesus Theme" pattern-cluster... where "priest" is included given that there are many references in the Bible claiming Jesus to be a "high priest"... hmmm, this jives with "High Tower": a "High/Hi Theme" pattern-cluster now in the works.  By reading Priest's Obituary I was able to determine his exact date of death : August 10, 2009... WHOAH... today is the anniversary of his death... and since it wasn't a leap year, he died on the 222nd day of the year!!  

I decided to check out the August 10 wiki page, except veering away from the formula somewhat in order to seek out specifically, a "Priest".  This is the first person I came across:
Maybe not a priest per se, butt clergyman is close enough, note from his wiki page:  
  • Augustus Montague Summers (10 April 1880 – 10 August 1948) 
He's definitely our man.  Note the "AUGUST" in his name... and then note that he wasn't born in August hence resulting in his name as is usually the case, butt he DIED in August, and so an addition to the "Named August/Leo... and Dies in August" pattern-cluster.  And secondly,  we have the twin 10's in the dates;  thirdly, the month of his birth and death are the only two months beginning with "A", which may not seem like much except that my recent posts include an "'aa'/'a' " pattern-cluster, note from yesterdays post, Arthur MacArthur & Richard Parker:
As well, keep in mind that her name, Sullavan,  is spelled with an "a" when normally it's spelled with an "i"... another strategic design influence that connects now  with my recent post where "a" factors in extraordinarily ie the name "Haas" (a cryptic "has" with emphasis).... and note that sharing the same key on my keyboard with the number 2 is the @ ... the "at" symbol... the inner twin world are @ a place ... on a specific page,  and they want us to be @ the same place... on the same page as them, and THAT, is why they are waging war against us
 And keep in mind that the @ (at) symbol consists of an "a" surrounded by its long circular tail-- we are in the process of coming full circular... to being where the inner twin world are @.  Plan A is their Aim.