Thursday, August 3, 2017


Note from my recent post, DANGGAR :
  •  "__, May 13, June 13/ 13th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.   So evidently we're to bridge the April 13 gap
While perusing the Deaths section of the April 13 wiki page (as per using the formula to bridge the gap),  I came across two other names that stood out and who share something else in common other than passing away on April 13:
John Bennett is also the name of my brother in law.  And so how does the surname "Grass" factor in.  Well, two reasons.  First of all, my brother in law, whose a mechanic (Mercedes), has a small business on the side-- he buys used ride on lawn mowers (John Deer mostly), fixes them and resells.  And secondly, not long before this, I listened to a Halifax radio ad on "grasscycling", that specifically mentions "mulch mowing", that involves mowing the grass before it gets too long so that no raking is required and the small clippings simply feeds back into and enriches the soil.  I have always followed this principal, because as an avid Gardner, I know the value of healthy lawn and soil.  Over the years of living in Prospect, I've converted lawn -- digging up the sod and leaving it to compost into rich soil and then making vegetable gardens.  It's a joy to see the rich, black earth productive for food.

I found the radio ad of particular interest, because at one time it occurred to me that our desire for "lawns" has a purpose-- in preparation for a time... an emergency when we may need to convert our lawns and gather soil for indoor gardens.  Think about it.  Most of our food comes from big producers, and so what if natural disasters occur that wipe out food crops.  Do the common sense math-- hurricanes on the rise make this "disaster" scenario very feasible in the future.  Not to mention the fact that we in the Northern hemisphere need to contend with the fact that we are still in an ice age and so at some point will enter into the next glacial period.  We don't know all that's entailed in that and what effect it will have on food production, butt we would be fools to think that things in this regard will go on as usual.

Note the following info regarding other notable persons with the surname Grass:
First of all we have three moths of May, which beats the 'audds', and I'll deal with that, butt for now, it's Alex Grass' date of death that stands out to me, due to the following from my previous post:
  • William Gannaway Brownlow (August 29, 1805 – April 29, 1877) 
  • John Gunther (August 30, 1901 – May 29, 1970) 
And note from my July 30 post, The Bill :
  • Lucy Renee Speed (born 31 August 1976)
  • The Bill is a British police procedural television series, first broadcast on ITV from 16 October 1984 until 31 August 2010. 
The date that the series ended is meaningful given that it's also the birthday of Megan MacGregor-- the third in the MacGregor trio.   Their blog verifies, read the post : Happy Birthday, Megan!
So we now have an "August 27, __, 29, 30, 31 (x3)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  And so to bridge the gap...  using the formula ... taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball... and then a nice little mind yoga stretch, we arrive at two individuals:
  • 2011  Bernie Gallacher  (22 March 1967 – 28 August 2011) English footballer 
  • 2013 – Frank Victor Pulli(March 22, 1935 – August 28, 2013) American baseball player and umpire 
The twin 22 is important enough-- a particular inner twin trade mark signature, butt the month of March is also significant... adding to the overall cryptic communication-- March being named after Mars the God of War... and Agriculture!!  Note the cryptic phrase in Frank Victor Pulli: "frank/truth victor/winner pull I".  This is definitely a message for the MacGregor's... and especially Rob... and I know this because Rob's birthday is May 16... and so jiving with the three May birthdays above and the following excerpt from my previous post:
  • Edmund Kirby Smith (May 16, 1824 – March 28, 1893)  
  • Felix Kirk Zollicoffer (May 19, 1812 – January 19, 1862) 
  • Ambrose Everett Burnside (May 23, 1824 – September 13, 1881) 
  • 2001 – Anthony Steel (21 May 1920 – 21 March 2001) actor, singer 
 To verify Rob's birthday you can simply key "Happy Birthday Rob" in this blogs search box and an incredible number of posts will be brought up.  You see, the MacGregor's have been singled out to play the role of antagonists in the inner twin world's "Starr Family Production".

As for the May cluster above, its an additions to the cluster found in my previous post, expanding it into a:
  • "May 6... 10, ...  16, __, __,  19, __, 21, __, 23, 24, ... 29"/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.