Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ditching Witching and Bitching For...

Sometimes my investigations turn up evidence that I leave to simmer on the back burner... waiting for the inner twin world to give me an indication as to where to go with it... if anywhere.  And so in the case of this evidence, the indication was given.  I will begin with the following... the "indicator" that came out of my investigation of a recent addition to the Deaths in 2017 site:
Terele Pávez, 78, Spanish actress (Witching & BitchingLa CelestinaThe Bar), Goya winner (2013), stroke  
As per usual, when it comes to investigating film stars, I begin with investigating the films that the star had performed in, usually limiting my search to films that were released during years having 3 or 2 identical numbers at the end, and so in Pavez's case, we come to:
2000La comunidadRamona  
"11" of the cast/crew listed in the sidebar of the films wiki page have personal wiki pages themselves, Note the following concerning 6:
  • Teresa Penella (29 July 1939 – 11 August 2017) known as Terele
  • Eduardo Gómez (born 27 July 1951)
  • Sancho Gracia (27 September 1936 – 8 August 2012) 
  • Emilio Gutiérrez Caba (born 26 September 1942) 
  • Andrés Vicente Gómez (Madrid, 16 September 1943) 
  • Carmen García Maura (born 15 September 1945) 
We have two more additions to the "27" pattern-cluster; a "July 27,__, 29/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster; a September __, 26, 27, __/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster; and a September __, 15, 16/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  I'll bridge one of the gaps-- July 28... and so using the formula  as per usual we arrive at:
Trygve's surname is an addition to the recent "Twin 'aa' in Word/Name" pattern-cluster.  And note the cryptic phrase in his name: try give have elle mo.  It's cryptic, and so needs further deciphering.  The "mo" give us two things "mode of operation" ... and/or my initials are MO.  The "elle" is a cryptic reference to the inner twin "matriarchal" world.  Trygve's date of birth stands out given that December 13 is also the dayof my car crash in 2000-- the pivotal event in my life that opened the way for me to become aware of the existence of an inner twin parallel world and their power of influence over our day to day lives and our surrounding world. This is their mode of operation: influencing things like car crashes, various injuries and even deaths.  They are waging war against us as part of their means of coming out and communicating to us... and as with any war, they have demands to which they will not take "no" as an answer... there are nothing to negotiate, and in fact they pay an equal price in this war, so a great sacrifice is made and so indicating how great their cause.  As for Pais birthday, it has significance as well, butt lets just continue for now with another film of  Pavez that stands out, the film that will bring us to the "indicator":
1995The Day of the BeastRosario
The title is an addition to the recent "Jesus Theme" pattern-cluster. After all, Jesus did conquer the beast!!  Note the following from the film, The Day of the Beast, and in  regards to information garnered from the wiki page of one of the actors:
  • Maria Grazia Cucinotta (born 27 July 1968) 
First of all we have another addition to the "27" pattern-cluster... AND, we now have a "July 27(x2)" pattern-cluster.  And other cast members who stand out:
  • José Miguel Monzón Navarro (15 May 1955, Madrid)
  • Nathalie Seseña (born 11 November 1967) 
  • Jaime Blanch Montijano (born September 9,1940)
I won't bother going into detail as to why the dates stand out... or then names, butt will leave that for you.   Note this next excerpt from the films wiki page:
  In the story, the Puerta de Europa towers are said to be shaped as a diabolical signature and the place of birth of the Antichrist
And the plot thickens... or is that ... sickens!?  Note from the Pureta de Europa wiki page:
  • The towers were also shot in the song sequence "oru koodai sunlight" in the popular Tamil film Sivaji.
In the sidebar of the Shivaji (film) wiki page are 12 names, 2 of whom stand out due to the following:

And now you at least have an inkling as to  why Jaime Montejano's birthdy re 9/9, stood out... we now have a "September 9, __, 11(x3)/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... and surely I don't have to spell out why I added the 3rd 9/11!!  

AND, it's the name "Gonsalves" that is the "indicator" that brings us here in the first place.  The name is a cryptic "gone salves/saves" and/or " go 'n salve/save... before itz gone ".   Gonsalves is a diminutive of Gonzalez ... and another diminutive is "Goncalves"... which breaks down into "gone calves", and it's this short phrase that's the " indicator". And now I will take you to the evidence that I had left to simmer on the back burner that connects with "gone calves".  It began with this person as mentioned on yesterdays post,  August Lion
  • 1888 – Edward Lear (12 or 13 May 1812 – 29 January 1888) poet, illustrator 
And now note from Lear's wiki page: 
In 1842 Lear began a journey into the Italian peninsula, travelling through the LazioRomeAbruzzoMoliseApuliaCalabria, and Sicily. In personal notes, together with drawings, Lear gathered his impressions on the Italian way of life, folk traditions, and the beauty of the ancient monuments. Of particular interest to Lear was the Abruzzo, which he visited in 1843, through the Marsica (Celano, Avezzano, Alba Fucens, Trasacco) and the plateau of Cinque Miglia (Castel di Sangroand Alfedena), by an old sheep track of the shepherds. 
I highlighted the two place names that stand out: Sicily is a cryptic "silly sissy" and Abruzzo a cryptic "a bruise o"... with "o" being phonetically identical to French "eau", meaning "water".  Note from Abruzzo's wiki page:  
Region of Italy

Abruzzo in Italy.svg
Surely you see the image of a "boot" in Italy ?!  And then Sicily (silly sissy), the little island near the boots toe,  that appears to be getting the boot !!  I think it's a cryptic reference to bully's that boot around meeker individuals ... aka "silly sissy".... and "sissy" speaks volumes... nickname of "sister"... women after all have been booted around for... ever, and the Christian Bible is as guilty of that as other religious books that purport a "male god only" scenario!!

And do. Note that the red portion of the boot represents Bruzzo... which happens to be located at the lower calf.

And so investigating notable persons from Sicily and Bruzzo, two stand out:
  • On the Sicily wiki page: Giuseppe Garibaldi (4 July 1807 – 2 June 1882)
  • Note from the Abruzzo wiki page:  Luciano D'Alfonso (born 13 December 1965
And so you already know why December 13 stands out... as for July 4th, note from this blogs Header:
  • On July 4th, 3 Of the first "5" US Presidents had died: Jefferson "5" hours before Adams, and Monroe "5" years later on the "55th" Independence Day.
So what are the inner twin world doing waging war against our inner twin world: they're "Ditching Withching and Bitching for Pitching, Stitching and Hitching".   We live in a day where witch hunts still abound-- an intolerance that harms the bully as much as the bullied ... hence the inner twin world sum this up in  "gone calves".  There is reason why the calf of the leg is connected to calf (a cow's young).  And there's a reason behind the "golden calf" scenario  of the bible... -- the golden calf representing old religions and their backwardness that needs to be put aside, butt our patriarchal world enjoys ... the bullies anyway, enjoy lording it over others, and so that is why the inner twin world continues to strike down the "calves" and speak about it now re  "gone calves".
  • calf (n.1)"young cow,"...  perhaps from PIE *gelb(h)-, from root *gel- "to swell," hence, "womb, fetus, young of an animal."...
  •  gel (v.) 1902, "to become a gel," from gel (n.). Figurative sense "come together and agree well" is from 1958. Related: Gelled; gelling. 
And what don't you understand about "come together and agree well"?!   AND, there's far to this communication than meets the eye/I!!!  For instance the "gel" aspect above stands out given the following from yesterdays post, Rock Shock Jocks Socks:
Larry Simon Gelbart (February 25, 1928 – September 11, 2009)... 
So note the "Gel Bart" in the surname.... not to mention his date of death!!

There is much that needs to be done before our outer twin world are worthy of a future... and the first step toward that end, is to get on board with the inner twin world's agenda...  help them to come out and communicate so that  their ultimate goal can be reached... a goal that's designed to save our conjoined butts.