Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Red Reed Read (Part 5)

The Deaths in 2018 site lists under June 24 and 23, three notable persons who have something else in common, note from their wiki pages:
  • Jacques R. Saadé (February 7, 1937 – June 24, 2018)
  • Daniel Trombley Ingram (September 7, 1934 – June 24, 2018)
  • Kim Jong-pil ( January 7, 1926 – June 23, 2018)
Their dates of birth are additions to the cluster in this series of posts, expanding it and bridging one of the gaps into a:
  • “January 7, February 7(x2), March 7, __, May 7, June 7, July 7(x3), August 7(x2), September 7(x3),  October 7 (x2), November 7, December 7(x2)” pattern-cluster.  
And so we are down to one gap that needs bridging— April 7... any takers?! Okay, so on the April 7 wiki page... using the formula brings me to one person who died in 1999... butt, and this sometimes happens... he just didn’t jive... and so I do what I normally would—glance down... and there I saw:
  • 2003 – David Greene, English-American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1921)
I knew at once that he’s our guy... both his names are additions to the “Remove a Letter Makes a Word” pattern-cluster... making “avid” and  “green”.   And not only that, note this excerpt from part 3 in this series of post:
  • Susaye Greene (born September 13, 1949) (sus aye/ Sue say green) Supremes
A “Green Theme” pattern-cluster is a break away from the “Red”... green is good— green light means move ahead... and of course anything green these days are a good thing.  From red to green... from stop/danger to proceed/no danger.  It all makes cryptic sense if you open your mind to the language used to communicate to us at this point in time.

One other notable persons who passed away on June 24 stands out:
  • Pavel Vranský (29 April 1921 – 24 June 2018) 
His birthday expands the cluster in my previous post:

  •  “April 27(x2), 28, 29(x2)/Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.

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