Sunday, June 24, 2018

IKEA Bar’s Synchrosecrets (Part 3)

Continuing on from my previous post, note the following additions to the recent Deaths in 2018 site:
  • Yavar Jamalov Talyb oglu (17 October 1949 – 23 June 2018) 
  • Duncan Douglas Faulds Rae OBE (14 June 1931 – 24 June 2018), 
  • Violeta Rivas (4 October 1937 – 23 June 2018)
  • Gazmend Sinani (22 June 1991 – 23 June 2018) 
  • Koro Tainui Wētere (22 June 1935 – 23 June 2018)
Two of the birthdays are additions to a cluster in my previous post, expanding it into an
  • “October 1, 2, 3(x2), 4, __, 6, 7,..., 14, 15,__, 17,__, 19, __, 21(x2), 22, __, ..., 25(x2), 26,__, 28, __, 30, 31/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster
Two who died on the same day were also born on the same day... the day before their birthdays... so two additions to the “Off By One” pattern-cluster.  And Faulds birthday is the same birthday of President Donald Trump... and “one off” from my birthday of June 13.  This can be taken as a prompt to investigate those who died recently on June 22, or we can venture to the June 22 wiki page and use the formula, taking into consideration the “one off” curve ball.  I decided on the latter:
  • 1997 – Gérard Pelletier (June 21, 1919 – June 22, 1997) journalist and politician 
  • 2003  Vasil Bykaŭ (June 19, 1924 – June 22, 2003) war novelist 
There were no notable deaths recorded under 1999 or 2000 so that left us with the two above... as per the “one off” curve ball, given that they are each “one off” from where 1999/2000 would other wise be.  The birthdays and date of death of the two generate a “June 19, __, 21, 22(x2)/Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.  Bridging the June 20 gap we can either go to the Deaths in 2018 site or again to the June 20 wiki page using the formula.

Now lets go back and investigate the June 22nd list of the Deaths in 2018.  The one person who stands out died at twin 88... which jives with “October”— means 8.  Note from her wiki page:
Her Birthday is “one off” from the notable date of 9/11... and the 111th day of the year!!!  Note from her wiki page:
 she was part of the Gray Ranks
Note the following info on the two notable persons mentioned on the Gray Ranks wiki page:
  • Florian Marciniak (4 May 1915 – died 20/21 February 1944)
  • Stanisław Broniewski (Dec 29, 1915 Warsaw – Dec 30, 2000) 
Again, the dates are strategic... as is the name Florian (aka flower— superimposing one horizontal 8 atop another vertical 8 makes a four petal flower).  His birthday, 4 May, contains “for May”... meaningful given that my name is May... that also means “might” in origin.  And we also have a “December __, 29, 30, __/Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.

Doing the same then with the “June 20” date, we arrive at two possibilities:
I chose Gradon because her surname contains a cryptic “gray dawn/don” that jives with “gray ranks” above... a “Gray Theme” pattern-cluster.  Note from their wiki pages:
  • Francisco Griéguez Pina (25 October 1918 – 20 June 2018) 
  • Sophie Gradon (25 October 1985 – 20 June 2018) 
Again, the were born and died on the same day!!  So they both factor in.  Keep in mind that 3 members of my life partners family celebrate their birthday on October 25... each of whom  were born during a different year .  On Gradon’s wiki page is one other notable person, note his info:
  • Danny Cipriani (born 2 November 1987)
His birthday is an addition to a cluster found in my previous post, expanding it into a:  
  •  “May 2, ..., August 2, __, October 2, November 2/ 2nd Day, Month Sequence” pattern-cluster
Since the inner twin world tend to generate clusters in groups of three or more this is a prompt to bridge the September 2 gap ... using the formula and taking into consideration the “one” off  curve ball, we arrive at:
1998 – Allen Drury (September 2, 1918 – September 2, 1998)  journalist, author
2000  Elvera Sanchez (September 1, 1905 – September 2, 2000) dancer 
2000 – Curt Siodmak (August 10, 1902 – September 2, 2000) author, screenwriter
And the date of birth and death of the first two generates a “September 1, 2(x3), __/Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.  Siodmak’s birthday occurred on the 222nd day of the year and so an addition to the  “Identical Number Sequence ” pattern-cluster... sequences of 2’s are a particular inner twin trademark signature.

Elvira Sanchez is also the  mother of: Samuel George Davis Jr. (December 8, 1925 – May 16, 1990).  He died on the birthday of Rob MacGregor (a key player— antagonist in the inner twin worlds “Starr Family Production”).  

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