Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Grubb Snail Mail

The Deaths in 2018 site lists under June 9: 
George Grubb, 82, British politician, Lord Provost of Edinburgh (2007–201 
With a name like that, smacks of inner twin influence.  For one, his name is an addition to the recent and prolific “Remove a Letter Makes a Word” pattern-cluster... as in remove a “b” makes “grub”.  His first and last name beginning with “G” is an addition to the “Alliteration” pattern-cluster.
On the Provost of Edinburgh wiki page is a long list of those who held the position, and since the inner twin world tend to generate clusters around groups of identical numbers, I decided to investigate the list for the one who served as Lord Provost in 1999 and/or 2000:
Eric MilliganLord Provost of Edinburgh (1996–2003)..  
Note from his wiki page:
The University is our next lead.  I decided to venture to the Notable alumni section.  At this point you should be aware that I just finished a conversation about my granddaughter with my daughter in law.  For quite some time my granddaughter has been experiencing difficulty with math (as I did in my youth) and so after a barrage of tests it was determined that she scored off the charts for visual/spacial intelligence, and has a math Learning disorder because of the way they teach, and as my daughter in law stated: “Schooling doesn’t allow for visual learning style, visual learners don’t do well with sets of instructions or lectures step by step training.   It’s goods that we know now, the whole thing explains a lot. Why she’s a perfectionist. I knew she was visual that’s why geometry was so easy for her”.

And so that is why the Arts, sub section of the Notable alumni section is the place to begin.  Once I clicked on the link in the name of the first person listed, I was taken aback by the info:  
  • Kygo (11 September 1991)
Kygo  (DJ and Record Producer) was born on 9/11!!!  And note this excerpt from my previous post:
  • Garver was born on Hart’s birthday... “ 9/11(x3)”  pattern-cluster!!!
And so the cluster expands:
  •   “ 9/11(x4)”  pattern-cluster!!!
Here are the others listed in the Arts section after Kygo:

The names highlighted in yellow  are additions to the recent and prolific “Remove a Letter Makes a Word” pattern-cluster .  Thomson’s Birthday is the same as US President Donald Trump ... and one day off from my birhtday... tomorrow, so an addition to the “Timely” pattern-cluster.  The name Greg Wise speaks cryptic volumes... Greg is part of the MacGregor’s surname.  And his birthday is one off from Rob MacGregor’s birthday of May 16 and so another addition to the an addition to the “Off By One” pattern-cluster.   And we have a “September 27, __, 29/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.  Anyone care to bridge the gap?!  And February 1 is the 32  day of the year with 333 days remaining.  Now all you need to figure out is what sequences of 3’s represent.

I also decided to investigate the first two alumni from each subsection:

  • Sarah Boyack (born 16 May 1961former MSP and Minister for Transport of Scotland
  • Ross Brawn (born 23 November 1954) Managing Director Formula One Group (Bran)
  • Jock Clear (born 12 September 1963)Formula One engineer
Academia and Science: 
Many of the names and dates speak volumes.  Givne that Megan MacGregor’s birthday is August 31, we have an “August 27, 29, 31/Uneven Number Date Sequence” pattern-cluster
And do note the “boy” in “Boyack” ... aka “boy yack”.  
And finally there’s also other  notable individuals mentioned on the Universities wiki page that needs investigating: 
  • Dame Frances Anne Cairncross  (born 30 August 1944) 
  •  Robert Stevenson (8 June 1772 – 12 July 1850)
  • Leonard Horner (17 January 1785 – 5 March 186

  • Sir Walter Scott, 1st Baronet (15 August 1771 – 21 September 1832) 
  • James Watt ( 30 January 1736 (19 January 1736 OS) – 25 August 1819)
  • Henry Thomas Cockburn of Bonaly, Lord Cockburn (26 October 1779 –  26 April/18 July 1854 
  • George Heriot (4 June 1563 – 12 February 1624)
  • 1963 the Robbins Report: Lionel Charles Robbins, Baron Robbins (22 November 1898 – 15 May 1984) 

Notable Staff: 
  • Sir Thomas Hudson Beare  (30 June 1859 – 10 June 1940) (bear)

  • Robert Allan Smith (14 May 1909 – 16 May 1980) (sith— late)
  • Dr James Cameron Smail  (1880-1970) (jams mail... hmmm, snail mail 
  • John Stuart Archer (15 June 1943 – 9 December 2007) (start acher)
  • Alistair George James MacFarlane (born 9 May 1931) (gorge jams)

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