Saturday, June 27, 2015

Richard Matt RIIP: Bellows on the War Field

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under
Note from his wiki page:
Richard William Matt (June 25, 1966 – June 26, 2015)
He died one day after his birthday!!  Note this next excerpt from his wiki page: 
The escape, which has been compared to Stephen King's The Shawshank Redemption[8]
Note the following information regarding one of the actors in the film:
Gil Bellows (born June 28, 1967)
So we now have a "June 25, 26, __, 28/Date Sequence/Bridge the Gap" pattern-cluster in the works.  As previously explained, this type of pattern-cluster is designed as a means of prompting us to investigated the missing date in order to bridge the gap.  What we now need to do is venture to the June 27th wiki page, and because the lists are long, we will only investigate the notable events, births and deaths occurring during years ending with 3 identical numbers.  Note the following:
And then from Antoinette Perry's wiki page:
Mary Antoinette Perry (June 27, 1888 – June 28, 1946)
As you can see, her date of birth and death follows the same format as the birth and death of Richard Matt!!   This is no mere coincidence, butt more slight of hand activity generated by the inner twin world.  And it doesn't end there, note this excerpt from her wiki page:
 She appeared opposite David Warfield in Music Master in 1906 when she was only 18.
He was the 1st notable person mentioned on her wiki page, butt it was his surname that caught my eye-- the cryptic phrase within re "war field"... with his first name connecting to the recent "David and Goliath" pattern-cluster... and as the story goes, the battle waged by these two top warriors on opposing sides was a war strategy between the sides in order to prevent an otherwise greater loss of life, the winner of the battle would decide whose side wins.  Note from Warfields wiki page:
David Warfield (November 28, 1866 – June 27, 1951) 
So what are the chances that June 27th would appear in this 'timely' matter?!  Yep, no coincidence or synchronicity again!!  Note his date of birth falls on the 332day of the year with 33 days remaining.  This is an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster.

Of course there are a couple others that I found on the June 27th wiki page that stands out and likely factors into the cryptic communication, butt by now if you've been reading my posts, you know how to decipher all the cryptic/hidden meanings.