Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Laura Antonelli RIIP: Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs!!

The Deaths in 2015 site lists under June 22:
Laura Antonelli, 73, Italian actress (MaliciousTill Marriage Do Us PartThe Innocent).
Laura Antonelli (28 November 1941 – 22 June 2015) 
Three of her films were released in years that consist of Identical Number Sequences, and because these tend to be inner twin trademark signatures, its worth investigating each one.  The first one, a 1966 film called  Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs

 First of all the "Goldfoot" reminds me of the "Golden Boot" referenced in many posts, the first of which I believe was mentioned in my February 10, 2015 post, Naylor, Fittler, and the Golden Booty Award.  The "Girl Bombs" is also meaningful, with "girls" being a cryptic reference of the inner twin "matriarchal" world... and the "Bombs" being an addition to the prolific "Bomb/A Bomb..." pattern-cluster. I like to think of "bomb" in this sense as being a "metaphor" to describe their "coming out" and "communicating" to our outer twin world... and of course the war they are waging against our world that indeed does use actual bombs as well as other sources that do 'explosive' damage... like the aircraft used in the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  

I know that this is something that no one wants to face, and would much rather bury their heads in the sand over, butt just remember, that they can still give your butts a big golden boot!!  It's never wise to turn your back on the enemy and never wise to not be open to negotiate truce, especially when the enemy has exceedingly greater power than us.  

Note the following regarding the films writers:
For one, Laura Antonelli died on Pipolo's birthday, and as a second, Heyward's birthday is tomorrow.  The birthdays of Pipolo and Heyward form a "June 22, __, 24/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   This is a common type of cluster designed with a certain purpose in mind-- to bridge the gap by venturing to the June 23 wiki page.  Wikipedia has a special site for each day of the year, that includes three long lists of notable Events, Births and Deaths, each of which are categorized according to the year.  Because of the inner twin world's propensity for "Identical Number Sequences", we can limit our search to investigating only the years ending with 3 identical numbers.  In the case of June 23, one in particular stands out: 
Note from Buster Merryfield's wiki page:
Harry "Buster" Merryfield[1][2][3] (27 November 1920 – 23 June 1999an English actor best known for starring as Uncle Albert in the BBC comedy Only Fools and Horses
His birthday is one day off from Laura Antonelli's birthday, hence generating a "November 27,28/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  And it's when I ventured to the wiki page of "Only Fools and Horses" that the inner twin world really 'bust' out!!
Original Series:8 September 1981 - 25 December 2003
The date of the original series end is an addition to the "December 25/Christmas/Christian/Bible Theme" pattern-cluster.  So we know we're on the 'wright' track. Going through the list of notable persons in the sidebar at the right of the films wiki page, one surname in particular stands out -"Butt".
Raymond William "Ray" Butt (25 June 1935 – 12 July 2013)
So, tomorrow is June 25th... Ray Butt's birthday!!  This is an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, and because today is June 24th, we also now have a "June 22(x2), 23, 24, 25/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster in the works.   

The surname "Butt" has special significance to the inner twin world given that it involves a "Butts" pattern-cluster that originated between Rob MacGregor and myself concerning his friend, "Robert Butts".  In locating the post, I turned to the Pronoiasecret search box and keyed in "Robert Butts", and it's the second post  the search engine brings  up that grabbed my immediate attention:
Wednesday, June 25, 2014Nancy Garden, Quinton-Steele Botes RIIIIP: Censors and Steel Boots 
So note the date of the post (this is becoming a recurring theme) ... now the cluster expands to a "June 22(x2), 23, 24, 25(x2)/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Note this excerpt from the post: 
  • In thinking of all the "Bobs and Roberts", I'm once again reminded of  Rob MacGregor from the synchrosecrets blog and I just recently discovered that his birthday was May 16... just recent. so I can't help butt feel that he's somehow connected.   Perhaps it has something to do with another Robert who he knows, and who was involved in our little "Robert Butts" pattern-cluster, in fact, this is why I generally spell the word "but" as "butt" in my posts.  You can read it in my Toumai Blog's March 9, 2010 post, ":-)(-; "... (yep that's title and link, or if you happened to miss, go to :  As well, there are other related posts such as my Jan 2, 2012 post, again taken from my Toumai Blog re: A Robert Rabbit, Robert Butts, Jane Roberts Snaffu.

As well, going back to the films wiki page, note the following information regarding some of the other notable persons (from cast and crew) that stands out:

  • John Richard Thomas Sullivan OBE (23 December 1946 – 23 April 2011) 
  • Mandie Elizabeth Fletcher (born 27 December 1954)
Each of their birthdays are two days off from December 25th ... and one off from forming a "December 24, 25, 26/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   The inner twin world are definitely emphasizing the "off track" communication.  As well, their names stand out... if you recollect my vehicle accident of 2000 (after which my inner twin Tou "came out" to me), the young man driving the other vehicle is named "Ray Sullivan".  And then we have his middle name "Thomas" that means "twin" in origin... a particular heads up.  The surname "Fletcher" means "folk army" (peoples army) in origin, butt then there's the cryptic phrase within re "fetcher L".  The  "L" is multifaceted -- referencing "Elle" (french for "she) and so,  the inner twin "matriarchal" world, and because the letter "L" in origin was called "lamed" (or similar to)  and was represented by a staff/cane , the cryptic phrase becomes: "she brings lame".  And indeed she does... as both  Rob and Megan MacGregor can attest (butt don't ... as part of their censorship campaign... though having said that,  it is as the inner twin world has planned for now).  

This next actor from "Fools and Horses" wiki page stands out: 

Sir David John WhiteOBE (born 2 February 1940)
The surname "White" is interesting, butt not nearly as meaningful as his date of  birth-- the 33rd day of the year with 333 days remaining, so two additions to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster.  These last three actors also stand out, butt I'll let you do the cryptic math:

Nicholas Simon Lyndhurst (born 20 April 1961)Lennard Pearce (9 February 1915 – 15 December 1984Bernard Thompson (born August 30, 1962)