Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jerlean Talley RIIP: a BIG Talley Ho 116

The Deaths in 2015 lists under June 17:
Jeralean Talley (née Kurtz; May 23, 1899 – June 17, 2015) 
She was born on the day of the year where 222 days remain... a particular inner twin trade mark signature.  There's no doubt in my mind that the inner twin world played a hand in her "timely" demise, despite the fact that she lived to be so old.  There's no doubt in my mind that her supercentenarian status was influenced by the inner twin world as well.  What this means, is that we are all able to live a longer and healthier life, butt the inner twin world are influencing premature deaths (for everyone across the board, for two reasons: population control, and as part of their mandate to "come out" and "communicate" to us at this precise point in time, and sadly to say, via "timely" deaths.

Her age at death being 116 also communicates something-- about face of 911.  This suggests a "turning of the tide" inso far as premature deaths... suggesting that the inner twin world can reverse the 9/11 war being waged against our outer twin world, as well as the premature "timely" deaths.

Note from Talley's wiki page:
She was previously thought to be the oldest living American, from the death of Elsie Thompson on March 21, 2013 until Gertrude Weaver was verified to be older in July 2014
Note from the wiki pages of the two notable persons mentioned:
Elsie Marie Thompson (née Calvert; April 5, 1899 – March 21, 2013)
 Gertrude Weaver (née Gaines; July 4, 1898 – April 6, 2015) 
For one, note the cryptic phrase their surnames make: "twin son weaver". Then note Thompson's birthday and Weavers date of death form an "April 5, 6/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. Finally, Weaver's birthday is an addition to the "July 4" pattern-cluster.  Keep in mind that of the first 5 US Presidents, 3 died on July 4th!!  Their deaths were "timely" as well!!