Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Me Too — Bruce Wark Abused Me (Part 1)

I sent this to CBC News re cbcns@cbc.ca:
In  2010 the Coast, a series of articles  (https://www.thecoast.ca/halifax/ArticleArchives?tag=May%20Ocean) provides some information (true and false) in regards to my court case, the crux of which involves a sequence of abuse that extended in areas involving (just to name a few): my insurance policy/vehicle insurance company, my previous lawyer, legal firms, judges (including the Judge preceding over my case— ACJ Smith), Minister of Vehicle Insurance (at the time whose previous job Insurance Broker), and Bruce Wark (Journalist with the Coast).  I was self represented, with the main thrust of my case being to bring to light conglomerate activity that prevented my case from being heard “fairly” in regards to a car accident in 2000.  At the end, I was forced to give up my battle— the judge refusing to allow me to continue without putting a $10,000 deposit!  She did so knowing that I was essentially broke after years of battle.  I had been railroaded.  I ended further legal/court proceedings after that.  Keep in mind two things: I had won a precedent setting case to the Appeal court, overturning the Judge’s order for me to undergo psychiatric evaluation by a forensic psychiatrist (in other words one who works with the courts), and second, that even though I won, I was thrown back into the court room with the same judge!
 A particularly hard thing for me to take in all of this is how Bruce Wark, journalist for the Coast, who I believed would provide me a fair voice, proved false.  Even though he put forward a lot of truth in the series, he went on to incorporate false damaging statements.  I will address some of those.  This statement came out in the last article in reference to a claim I made on the stand:
Ocean testified that after she pulled out of the store parking lot, she caught a split-second glimpse of a grey car barrelling toward her in the northbound lane. She said she stepped on the accelerator to shoot across the road only to see Sullivan’s headlights bearing down on her. Ocean did not mention the grey car when the Coast interviewed her for its cover story on her insurance fight in 2009. But during the trial, she argued that Sullivan may have been racing the grey vehicle and that would explain why he couldn’t get back into his own lane to avoid the accident. 
In my defence, Mr. Wark’s statement is false and damning to me in that it suggestive: leading readers to consider that I make things up as I go along.  In fact, he was given court documents involving my case that enabled him to get up to speed, and to a statement mentioning the “grey car”.  As well, Mr. Wark failed to mention that the person I spoke with at the scene of the accident testified that when I saw the colour of the car that struck mine I remarked that it was a small red car... nothing like the car I first saw speeding toward me— a large grey car, hence leading me to consider that there were two cars racing with the small red car being out of my line of vision at the time I saw the first (after which I took my eye off the car and put my eyes on the path that I had then gunned my car— away from the oncoming vehicle and into my own lane (which I did manage, after which I looked I could see the road ahead ... and headlights coming at me in my lane... it didn’t seem right even then).  And nor did Mr. Wark mention that I was able to prove that the driver of the other vehicle was lying in regards to the first person who came to his vehicle— he said it was a woman (a friend of his), but according to this woman (she did not want to testify, but I subpoenaed her) a man (also a friend of the drive named Johnathan) who was at the scene before she arrived.  Johnathan was on my list of those I had a subpoenae for, and he was the only person who conveniently “disappeared”.  It could be that he was the driver of the grey car, or that he was a witness and didn’t want to perjure himself while protecting his friend.  
Regardless, who out there is doing the investigating... where’s the RCMP!!  Who is looking Into law firms that do pro bono work for car accident victims in a system that enables those with money (like insurance companies) to drag things out forever in court hence encouraging these legal firms to look at the Insurance Companies as their real employer and so do the required “arm twisting” of their clients to knuckle under and accept what the insurer .  When I wouldn’t accept, my lawyer, Barry Mason, quite representing me, leaving me in a wake to represent myself and to try and clean up the mess— the lies he made on my behalf to the court (that did not require my signature).
Is it too much for me to hope that maybe things have changed in our world with the “Me Too” movement... and other pressures,  that someone will finally hear the truth and pave the way for the truth... for me too?