Thursday, January 11, 2018

Anne Strieber’s ... White Out

Recently added to the The Deaths in 2018 site are two notable persons with the surname Brown, note from their wiki pages:
  • Neave Brown (22 May 1929 – 9 January 2018)
  • Joe Ellis Brown (May 24, 1933 – January 7, 2018) 
What also stands out is that their birthdays generate a “May 22, __, 24/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.   Keep in mind that May 23 is the day of the year where 222 days remain— sequences of 2’s are a particular inner twin world trade mark signature.  And to top it off, note two other additions to the site:
  • Thomas Johnstone Lawrence (14 May 1940 – 9 January 2018)
  • Mario Perniola (20 May 1941 – 9 January 2018
We also have a “May 14, 16, __, 20, 22, 24/ Even Number Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.  I included May 16 because this is also Rob MacGregor’s birthday— another key player in the inner twin worlds “Starr Family Production”. And since the MacGregor’s are factoring in yet again, lets venture over to their blog and see if they have the “3rd Brown”, after all when it comes to the inner twin world, things come in 3’s!!  And so keying “Brown” into their blogs search box, the search engine spits out all their posts that have “Brown” in it, and lo ‘n behold what do I find butt:
Anne StrieberPosted on  by Rob and TrishOn August 11, 2015, Anne Strieber passed away after a long illness. She and Whitley ... 
Note from my previous post:
It wasn’t Anne’s ghost that brought this about, her inner twin played a part in bringing it about... she gave up her life for it.  As for the MacGregor’s explosion that “wasn’t a black out or a brown out”.... and that’s a quote from the MacGregor’s post, where brown factored in.  Hmmm, “Whitley out... Whitey out... White out”!!!  If you read my previous post you’d realize that what I’m referring to is “Whitley Strieber”, Anne’s husband.

And guess what, there’s a film called Whiteout, note from IT’s wiki page:
  •  distributed by Warner Bros. and released on September 11, 2009
The “Warner” speaks volumes... along with the 9/11!!  Note the following info on the cast/crew:
  • Steve Lieber (born May 19, 1967)
  • Thomas Roy "Tom" Skerritt (born August 25, 1933
  • Alex O'Loughlin (born 24 August 1976) 
  • Arthur Holden (born August 28, 1959) 
  • Gabriel Macht (born January 22, 1972) 
  • Shawn Doyle (born September 19, 1968)
  • Columbus Keith Short, Jr. (born September 19, 1982)
  • Kathrin Romary Beckinsale (born 26 July 1973)
  • Dominic Sena (born April 26, 1949)
  • Bashar Mounzer Rahal (October 20, 1974 )
  • Joel Silver (born July 14, 1952)
  • Susan Nicole Downey (née Levin; born November 6, 1973)
  • Chad Hayes (born April 21, 1961  
  • Carey W. Hayes (born April 21, 1961
  • Greg Rucka ( born November 29, 1969 
So you may want to compare the dates with the dates of my previous post.  And note the twins born on April 21st... the 111th Day of the year... and did you know that as of 9/11, there are 111 days remaining!?  Oh heck, I’ll do one,  three of the above dates add to  a cluster found in my previous post, expanding it into an :
  • “ August 24, 25(x2), __, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster , and an “April 12(x2)” pattern-cluster.
Who wants to bridge the gap... any takers?!  Okay, so using the  Formula  as per usual we arrive at:
Akbar Adibi (February 12, 1939– August 26, 2000
His birthday may not seem like much, until you visit my previous post that records:
And so we have a “February 12, __, 14(x2), ..., 21, 22(x2), 23, 24/ Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.

 Oh NO... not another gap!!

Here’s the excerpt from the MacGregor’s post :
Thank you for letting us know that she died peacefully. If we can do anything to help out, in any way, please let us know. I had just typed the word  know and suddenly, in our family room, which is directly off of our offices, there was a tremendous explosion and a brilliant flash of light. The explosion sounded like a transformer does when it blows, except it was inside the house, within a few feet of our respective doorways. Rob and I shot to our feet. We thought the air conditioning or the TV had blown out –even though it wasn’t on. Our dog, Noah, stretched out on the living room couch, was startled out of a sound sleep. Besides the flash and the explosive sound, there was no black out or brown out. Not even a flicker on our computer monitor. Rob turned on the TV to make sure it hadn’t blown. It was fine, and didn’t even need to reboot. We checked the entire house but didn’t find anything broken or blown out, not even a light bulb.
We think it was Anne, making her presence known.