Monday, July 2, 2018

The MacGregor’s Agonizing War (Part 2)

The Deaths in 2018 site lists under June 30:
  • Roy de Silva (රෝයි ද සිල්වා; 30 August 1937 – 30 June 2018)
Note from my recent June 29 post, The MacGregor’s Agonizing War:
  • Itō Jinsai (August 30, 1627 – April 5, 1705, Kyoto)
  • Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel ( August 27, 1770 – November 14, 1831) 
  • Cecil Richard Rutt (27 August 1925 – 27 July 2011)
I didn’t mention it in the post, butt the birthday of the MacGregor’s daughter, Megan, is August 31st, and so altogether we have an “August 27(x2), __, 29, 30(x2), 31/Date Sequence” pattern cluster. I included the August 29 birthday of Michael Jackson... an important figure in the life of the MacGregor’s... and the inner twin world (simply read the first post to this blog). And so to bridge the gap we venture to the August 28 wiki page using the formula and taking into consideration the “one off” curve ball.  Because there are no deaths recorded in 1999 or 2000, this leave us stretching for the curve ball:
1995 – Michael Ende, German scientist and author (b. 1929)
And do note how it “fitz”!!  His surname is an addition to the recent “Remove a Letter Makes a Word” pattern-cluster, as in remove the “e” makes “end”... as in a cryptic: “Michael Jackson end”!! Note from his wiki page:
  • Michael Andreas Helmuth Ende (12 November 1929 – 28 August 1995) 
Note from his wiki page:
He is best known for his epic fantasy The Neverending Story
Note from the books wiki page in regards to the 3 film adaptations:
Of the actors listed above, I selected one from each film whose name stands out the most.  From the first film I chose Noah Hathaway,because for one,  the MacGregor’s have a dog named Noah... and  note the cryptic phrase in his first and last name re: Noah hath a way.  Note from his wiki page:
And do note the “cryptic “less lie” in his middle name.  As well  we now have a “November __, 12, 13, __/Date Sequence” pattern-cluster.  The sequel film part II, I chose Jonathan Brandis , for the simple reason that his surname is another addition to the “Remove a Letter Makes a Word” pattern-cluster... as in remove the “i” makes “brands”.  Note from his wiki page:
  • Jonathan Gregory Brandis (April 13, 1976 – November 12, 2003)
And so the cluster expands:
  • November __, 12, 13, __/Date Sequence” pattern-cluster
Finally we come to the third film in the series, and to the cast who stood out in the above, Jack Black.  I chose him because not only is his surname Black an addition to the cluster... removing either the “B” to get “lack” or the “l” to get “back”, butt they rhyme with his first name, Jack!!  Note from his wiki page:
  • Thomas Jacob "Jack" Black (born August 28, 1969)
So Ende had passed away on Black’s birthday!!  And so the cluster expands:
  •   “August 27(x2), 28(x2), 29, 30(x2), 31/Date Sequence” pattern cluster
It may be wise to investigate the cast and crew of all three films.   Are you up for the task yet MacGregor’s?!

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