Thursday, January 23, 2014

Flora Thibodeau/222/ Alan Crosland (Part 4)

As a follow up to my previous post, note the following that stood out from Alma Rubens wiki page from the list of films she had acted in:
1923Under the Red RobeRenee de Cocheforet
Immediately this stood out to me, given the addition to the recent "Red" pattern-cluster ... and keep in mind that "Rueben", the lily in my book is red.  As well, just recently there has been a "Cardinal" pattern-cluster, one involving the baseball team and the other the Cardinal that wears a "red robe" in the Catholic Church.  When keying in "cardinal" to this blogs search box, the following recent posts are brought up:
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Under the Red Robe - 1923.jpgAs you can see the cluster is quite extensive... all occurring as a result of following the leads stemming from the recent deaths of notable persons.   Now with all that in mind, note the following poster ad from the wikipedia page of the film, "Under the Red Robe" posted at right.  

It appears to involve a Cardinal of the Catholic church... butt here's the Catch 22: Why would a cardinal of the Catholic Church be wearing a "Pagan/Celtic" cross.  It's true, the lower arm of a Christian/Celtic" cross is longer than the other three arms.  The oldest cross which predates Christianity, is the "sun cross"--a cross imbedded in a circle.  Christianity took the pagan symbol and made it their own... as they do with so many pagan artifacts and rituals.

Getting back to the poster, note the "secrecy"-- the monk whispering something to the Cardinal who seems to be taken aback.  Now it gets even more interesting, note this excerpt from the films wiki page:

Directed byAlan Crosland

Note the surname of the Director... "Crosland"-- an addition to the "Cryptic Phrases in Names" pattern-cluster re: "cross land", and not to mention how this connects with the poster ad and the cross that the cardinal is wearing.  This is a great revealing from the inner twin world--a power play demonstration of their ability to influence our thoughts and actions in such a way that they are able to generate pattern-clusters such as these and the many others revealed in my blogs.  There's not doubt in my mind that "Red Rose Tea" (Red Rose "T") fits into the cryptic scheme of things.  My recent January 6th post (among others) documents a "Tea/T/Tee" pattern-cluster : High on the Hog (Part 3): the Fatty TUSSH

Note the following from Alan Crosland's wiki page: 
Alan Crosland (August 10, 1894 – July 16, 1936) was an American stage actor and film director.
Note the following regarding his day of birth:
August 10 is the 222nd day of the year (223rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 143 days remaining until the end of the year
Since 1894 was not a leap year, Alan Crosland was born on the 222nd day of the year!!

Welcome to the inner twin world and their cryptic means of "coming out" and "communicating
 to our outer twin world.  

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