Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bolles and Bowles

Yesterday's post RIPP'N HOTT MADD began with a focus on 3 notable persons recently added to Wikipedia's Deaths in 2017 site under March 31. In the post I point out that their surnames, Baker, Coleman and Schmitt (aka Black Smith) generate a "Hot Theme" pattern-cluster.

There was another connection with their surnames that I failed to mention even though I was aware of it, and was going to elaborate on it, butt ran out of steam.  Often in a case like this, it becomes just another loose thread, sometimes I remember to pick it up, and sometimes I don't.  Anyone following this blog on a regular basis would by now know enough of the cryptic language to have picked up on it themselves, butt others just coming on board would be oblivious.

As per usual, this morning I ventured to the Deaths in 2017 site and perused the additions listed under  April 1st, and then to March 31st to look for any new additions since yesterday, and I arrived at:
His timely death... and surname is a reminder that I absolutely MUST elaborate on the connection in the now 4 surnames .  My intention yesterday was to bring in another recent 'timely' death and surname that connects in a roundabout way, with Baker, Coleman, Schmitt, and that person is Paul Bowles, who died on March 29 and listed on the Deaths in 2017 site.  Note this excerpt from my March 29 post, Miles Made New
The Deaths in 2017 post lists under March 29:            
First of all Miles name has a cryptic phrase within--  first we have an addition to the "Miles Theme" pattern-cluster.  The inner twin world generated enough clusters around the name/word to make the association with the next glacial period.  And his name Steen is an addition to the "Remove a letter Becomes a Word" pattern-cluster... as in "seen"... so "seen miles".  As for Paul Bowles.  His surname is an addition to the same cluster -- remove the "e" and you get "bowls".  As well, his surname is an addition to the "Bowles/Bowls/" pattern-cluster and it too was made synonymous with an event that immediately precedes the next glacial period-- the North American Plate had become "bowl shaped" as a result of the previous glacial period -producing miles of Ice that in turn pressed its weights and so generating the shape... this shape still exists albeit much more subtly -- so some land is rising while other lands are sinking.  The inner twin world have warned of this danger, pointing to places like Florida.
First of all think about it... the similarity between the surname "Bolles" and "Bowls", both pronounced "bowls", and then think about how uncommon the surnames are to begin with, and finally, think about what the chances of the two dying within two days of each other?!  Their deaths are 'timely'--influenced by the inner twin world... as were their names.   The "Miles Theme" and "Bolles/Bowles/Bowls" pattern-clusters are in turn additions to the "Glacial Event" pattern-cluster... as is the "Hot Theme" pattern-cluster.  

If you key "Hot" into this blogs search box, you'll find not only see an emergence of the "Hot" pattern-cluster, butt you'll also see the progression toward the intended "bigger/intended meaning" behind it.   The bigger meaning being  that it's another cryptic reference to a "Glacial Event" in much the same way as the "Miles" and "Bowl" Theme Pattern-clusters

You're probably wondering how "hot" could possibly associated to a "Glacial Event", after all, this so obviously involves COLD, not HOT!!  The inner twin world has made it clear as to how "Hot" relates via previous clusters , such as the ones found in my December 27, 2016 post: Lion Cook Ocean, Note the following excerpts from the post:
  • Thomas "Tommy" Rivera Schatz (born June 10, 1966) 
We now have a   "June 7, _, _, 10,  _, 12, 13, 14/ Date Sequence " pattern cluster: June 7th is Trish MacGregor's birthday;  June 12th is the birthday of my step granddaughter; June 13 is my birthday,; June 14 is Donald Trump's birthday.  According to the rules, we have one gap that can be bridged, June 11.  So using the formula and taking into consideration the "Off By One" pattern-cluster curve ball we arrive
Normally I would have just settled with the last two given the formula, butt sometimes one must be  open to the movements of the inner twin world-- for one, note the twin "cook" in two of the surnames... AND, note the first two surnames that jive re Naval and Helm-- a "Ocean Theme" pattern cluster!!  Keep in mind that my surname is "Ocean".  And as well, the two "cook's" are additions to a recent cluster, note from my previous post, Heat:
  • The title of his film, Heat, is an addition to the recent "Hot Theme" pattern-cluster. 
The inner twin world generate the clusters through our inner twin's who are able to influence us in a profound manner without our being aware... at least not until now (and only after the fact).   As with the overwhelming majority of my posts, I 
simply follow the leads provided, and so in this case following the leads bring us to A connection to the "Hot Theme" to the "Water/Ocean/River Theme". They are referring to a "hot ocean"... a "cooking scenario going on down in the deep sea". And so this relates to a "glacial event" how?!  Well, in order to produce the heaps of snow that form the glaciers, the waters have to warm in order to generate faster currents and more evaporation that will increase the precipitation in the Northern Hemisphere during the colder months. 

So the next question is, how does the cyclical Ocean heating take place?!  Well, this is where the "miles" and "bowl" pattern-cluster themes come into play-- the "miles of glacial ice" as the direct result of a previous glacial event had caused the Tectonic Plates in the Northern Hemisphere to  "bowl", a shape that is much less pronounced today than at the height of the last glacial period.  The weight of the glaciers over the land mass resulted in a "bowling effect"-- a curving up of the Plate edges, most of which are below sea level.  This distortion didn't immediately rectify itself once the North American Plate was for the most part ice free, butt it's a slow rebounding and resettling process that's still occurring today, and this resettling that's taking place at the edges of the Plate, most of which Is located in the Ocean, are rubbing against the adjacent plate edges, hence generating friction, and where there is friction there's heat.  

Other than "hot", "heating" "bake" and "cook" used in this blogs search box, there is one word in particular that will result in the search engine retrieving many of the posts that relate to the event that gives rise to the temperature increase in the Ocean, that in turn will be enough to generate the vast amount of snow that inevitably brings on the next Glacial Event, and that word is "friction".

On keying "friction" into this blogs search box, the first to crop up is my May 31, 2013 post:

AQUITO: Ourstory (May 31, 2013)
The last rebounding is happening exponentially-- with a final POP!!  That's why we're experiencing so many quakes and tsunami's.  The quakes create friction which cause the waters to warm, this in turn causes more evaporation which in turn causes the dense salt left behind to sink at a faster rate hence speeding up the current, this in turn causes more storms-- hurricanes... and there are other factors contributing to the heating, man made is only a small part.   What we have yet to experience is the more severe winters.  When that happens, and it will, the waters at the equator will shift to the north-- to where it will grow/remain for up to 80,000 years.  What the experts don't know for sure, is how fast this will occur and the dynamics: will snow slowly accumulate in the far north in such a way year after year that glaciers spread out until it covers good portions of the Northern hemisphere, hence giving us lots of time to respond, or does it happen fast-- blankets of snow that fall so deep eachyear that the glaciers reach their extent across the land almost immediately, having yet only to rise higher over the course of 80,000 years.  If the second scenario is the true picture, then it's not good... in other words, there's not much time to prepare.
For the past 4 years, I've maintained my ground.  Certainly, I've evolved and so my findings are much more refined.  Here are just some of the other posts that the search engine has brought up
Note this excerpt from the post above, Gilles Cooper RIIP: Dec 2 and Glenbrook Rail Accident:  
You have to have read my previous posts of today to see how the surname "Thaw" factors in.  It is an addition to the "Bad Weather/Big Snow/Glacial Event" pattern-cluster, given that the huge "thaw" from the previous glacial event is what's generating much of our "bad weather".  Simply put, we are in the final stages of the Earths rebounding/sinking as a result of the great release of glacial ice (THAW) from the north and southern hemispheres that had built up during the previous glacial cycle. As the lands in the north and south are rebounding the earths crust at the equator is falling back in, essentially the earth is returning to its "rounder" shape, butt in so doing, the "quake/friction" activity at the equator which is mostly happening within the sea, is causing the waters to warm, and this in turn is causing more evaporation and thus speeding up the world currents that are generated by the sinking of salt that is left behind, the faster currents produce more wind that in turn is the driving force behind the increase in "bad weather" such as hurricanes.  The Ice Age that we are presently in, began as the Panama of Isthmus joined South America to North America, hence creating a barrier that diverts ocean currents at the equator toward the north, and since it still remains there, we can expect that a new glacial event is soon due to occur.  The time will come when the winds increase so much that during winter months the increased moisture will mean MORE SNOW!!  This is what they are trying to warn us about... this is why they are willing to sacrifice their own lives as a means of driving this message home.  We need to wake up and grow up!!    
As to John Thaw, note from his wiki page:
  • John Edward Thaw  (3 January 1942 – 21 February 2002)  
As you can see, his date of death is an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, given that it's one off from my grandson's birthday... AGAIN!!  The concentration on the birthdays of my grandson and granddaughter is to convey "future"... they are communicating in their cryptic way that the future of both our conjoined world is being threatened. 
Not this next excerpt from Cooper's wiki page: 
  • Robert Flemyng  (3 January 1912 – 22 May 1995)