Sunday, April 9, 2017


Note from my previous post:
I explain in the post why his first and last name stands out.  And there's more.  His middle name "Kaye" is interesting, because it's pronounced the same as the letter designated as his middle initial "K".  The letter K is also the 11th letter and this is significant to the inner twin world who have a propensity for generating pattern-clusters using identical number sequences... like 11 and 111.  Take for instance 9/11... the day of the year that has 111 days remaining, and the other end of the date spectrum is the 111th day of the year which is April 21 if it's not a leap year... which Norman Panama's birth year is not... so he was born on the 111th day of the year!!!

The inner twin world are able to generate the cluster via their uncanny ability to influence our thoughts and so therefor our actions, while we remain wholly unaware of the activity.  You will find many blogs that focus on unusual events that they refer to as "synchronicity"... such as the MacGregor's synchronicity blog, butt what they don't realize... or refuse to acknowledge and even go so far as to censor the truth (as in the MacGregor's case), is that a great majority of what these people call synchronicity, are in fact "pattern-clusters"-- generated by the inner twin world as a means of "coming out" and "communicating" to us.

The reason they are coming out and communicating, is because there is a dire situation that they need to warn us about, one that will devastate our conjoined world and lives, except that we join forces.  They know that the probability of us getting on board is slim, and because they can't afford to wait around for us to acknowledge them let alone do their bidding, they are waging war against our world as a way of ensuring our YES (when the time is 'Wright').  My TOU Sense Worth: that time is now!!!!!!!

It's also interesting to note that the number 1 shares the same key on my computer key board as the !exclamation mark... so SHOCK SURPRISE!!!!!  AND, the number 1 is a cryptic "WON"!!!!!