Sunday, April 9, 2017

Wolf Gang

I have updated the following to my previous post.  Note the following clusters that emerge from the first group of notable persons from the Uprisings wiki page:

We now have an "April 21(x2)" pattern-cluster, with one birth falling on the 111 day of the year and the other on the 110 day... given that it was a leap year in 1904.  AND, we also have a "May 23(x2)" pattern-cluster, ... the day of the year having 222 days remaining!!!

The info regarding the rest of the notable persons mentioned on the Uprisings wiki page is found at the bottom of this post. Using the smaller group above as a guide, note the following clusters that emerge as a result of combining the two :
  • "October 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, __, __,  21, 22,  23(x3), __, 25(x4) / Date Sequence" pattern-cluster
  • "November 24(x2)" pattern-cluster
  • "April 3(x2), 6, 9,__, 15, __,  21(x2)... 30/ Increments of 3 Date Sequence" pattern-cluster
  • "April 21(x2), __, 23/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster
  • July 22, 23,  _ , 25/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster
  • "May 23(x3)" pattern-cluster 
The highlights indicate dates that need investigating: October 24; November 24; April 12, 18,  22; July 24.  As per the rules of the game: single gaps in a date sequence are open game-- the gap needs to be bridged; and in the case of 2 identical dates, a third needs to be found, however if there is 3, there is no need to investigate further... hence their is no highlight re the May 23 cluster. 

The October cluster at the top, trumps over the others since they have the two longest sequence:  a set of 5 and  4 ... bridging the gap will get us two sets of 5.  And there are other reasons that set this cluster above the others: October 25 is a significant date given that 3 members of my partners family are born on this day during different years; as well, the names count,  and because the October 18 is derived from a person named "Wolfgang"... an addition to the "Wolf" pattern-cluster, we have the cherry on top!!  So venturing to the October 24th wiki page, and using the "Formula" as per usual and taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball, we arrive at:
  • 2001 – Wolf Hess (18 November 1937 – 24 October 2001 , German author 
It's not hard to tell which one trumps... WOLF!!  AND note his birthday... so Wolfgang had died on Wolf's birthday!!!