Sunday, April 2, 2017

Pride & Fall

Continuing on from my previous post, one of the things I became aware of on querying the word "Hot" in this blogs search, is the number of times "lion/Lyon" cropped up.  Even the post I chose to focus on contains "lion" in the title: Lion Cook Ocean.  What occurred to me, is a saying: In like a lion and out like a lamb... a saying about the month of March.  I can't help butt think that the inner twin world influenced this to convey a cryptic message.  It's interesting to note that within the word "Lion" is a cryptic "lie on", which can be taken two ways: to lay on something (like one's haunches), or to "continue with lies-- non truths" about something.  And this brings me to the MacGregor's once again, and their "LIE" (see first post in this blog).  Even though I was posting in my Toumai Blog about the inner twin world long before I started this one, the MacGregor's played an intricate part in this blogs beginning... and including its name Pronoiasecret.  So the MacGregor's may have stormed in like a LION, butt they will go out like LAMB... and hopefully not like a lamb led to the slaughter!!

March is named after Mars the god of War, and indeed, the inner twin world is waging war against our outer twin world.  Even though most of our outer twin world are unaware of the war being waged, this doesn't mean that it doesn't exist... and that peace won't inevitably follow (out like a lamb).

There is another "Lion theme" saying that we need to also consider... "Pride comes before the fall".  Of course it's negative-- a warning not to be so full of yourself that you ignore more important things until it's too late.  Butt  it's the cryptic version that I'm interested in:  "pride" being a lions family/social group that ties in with Megan MacGregor, who the inner twin world keeps focussing on as a "Leo" (her birthday being August 31)...even though her parents adhere to the other astrology system where August 31st does not fall under Leo.  It's a long story, butt the inner twin world influenced both systems, they have just chosen to focus on the one that's anti the MacGregor's as part of their "Starr Family Production" where the MacGregor's have been selected to play the part of antagonist.

Megan MacGregor's Pride (aka family and social group) living in Wellington, Florida is another design influence of the inner twin world, as is my living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Now here's the inner twin world's catch 22: so the Lion has come (Megan and her pride is here after all), and so now we wait for the fall-- literally, the inevitable fall of the edges of the North American plates (see previous post).  If you check out a world map showing the boundaries of the North American Plate, you'll see that Florida is dangerously close to the edge that's due to "fall"!!