Sunday, April 2, 2017

King is Queen (UPDATE)

Continuing from my previous post, I investigated the wiki pages of  some of the other cast/crew, real characters and those who did cameo appearances in the film,  When We Rise,  and found many clusters, note the two most prominent:

  • Richard Socarides (born November 8, 1954) real character
  • Phyllis Ann Lyon(born November 10, 1924) real character
  • Rafael de la Fuente (born November 11, 1986) 
  • Whoopi Goldberg (born November 13, 1955) Actor 
  • José Julio Sarria  (December 13, 1922 – August 19, 2013)  real character
  • Tom Ammiano (born December 15, 1941)  Real Charater
  • Sylvester James, Jr. (September 6, 1947 – December 16, 1988)  real character
  • Rachel Anne Griffiths (born 18 December 1968)
  • Charles W. Socarides (January 24, 1922 – December 25, 2005)   real character

The first consists of a "November 8, _, 10, 11, _, 14/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster, and the second a "December 13, _, 15, 16, _, .... 25/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  I know that the December 25 is a stretch, butt it is Christmas Day... and the date has cropped up a number of times in recent posts.

Of the first cluster, the first gap, "November 9" (11/9) is a meaningful date in that it's the reverse of 9/11.   To bridge the gap, we first venture to the November 9 wiki page and from there use the "Formulaas per usual, which brings us to:
Note from her wiki page:
  • Mabel Elizabeth King (née Washington; December 25, 1932 – November 9, 1999) 
It speaks volumes.  

UPDATE (April 3, 2017):

During an investigation for a recent post, I came across the following excerpt from my January 22, 2016 post, Blowfly RIIP (Part11): Queen and King in One:
  • Regina King (born January 15, 1971)
I meant to come back to this person because  she stood out for two reasons, the first being the"Royalty Theme" found in her name-- Regina which means "Queen" in origin that in turn jives with her surname "King"; secondly is her birthday, a day that I'm more than familiar with considering that both my son and life-partner are born on January 15 (exactly 22 years apart), and because of this I'm also aware of another notable "King" born on this day: