Monday, April 3, 2017

Fire Ore Cheers Spears

Continuing from my previous post, I selected 3 cast from "MADtv", note from their wiki pages:
  • Kathryn Fiore 
  • Mary Scheer (born March 19, 1963) 
  • Aries Spears (born April 3, 1975) 
The three were selected because of the cryptic elements found in their names: Kathryn Fiore Is a cryptic "cat fire/ore".  This connects with the cryptic communication as of late where "Lion" is synonymous with "glacial period" and this in turn is connected to the "ground" ("ore") that's in the process of heating ("fire") the ocean as a result of "friction" caused by the resettling of the Tectonic Plates in the Northern Hemisphere scraping along the edges of adjacent plates.

Mary Scheer and Aries Spears were listed adjacent to one another in the list, and even though Aries Spears stands out given the "astrology" connection (see previous post), and because "spear" had also cropped up in the previous post, she is obviously another contender.  As for Mary Scheer, there's  the anagram in her surname:  "cheers",  that then rhymes perfectly with "spears".  As well, the name Mary contains a cryptic phrase "Mar y"... aka "Mar why".   Keep in mind that March is named after Mars the God of War.  And so we now come to Mary Scheer's birthday of March 19, that connects to the following from the previous post:
  • Glenn Close (born March 19, 1947)
  • Michael William "Mikey" Day (born March 20, 1980)
We now have a "March _, 19(x2), 20, _/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  On the MADtv wiki page, I noted the following:

Original release
  • October 14, 1995 May 16, 2009

The "May 16" is significant given that it's also the birthday of Rob MacGregor...  my posts of the last week reveals more about May 16 that is pertinent to the inner twin world communication.  Note this next excerpt from the MADtv wikipage:
Followed by
So we have another addition to the "MAD Theme" pattern-cluster.  On the MAD wiki page is a list of voice cast... a very long list.  The very first "surname" caught my eye:
It's just strange... and it does contain a cryptic phrase "shin nick".  What I find strange is that just last weekend, while playing with my grandkids at a school playground, I was so intent on making sure that my 3 year old grandson was safe, that I literally "nicked my shins" hard enough that I fell over.  I should have known!!  Note from his wiki page:
  • Kevin Thomas Shinick (born March 19, 1969) 
So what are the chances?!  From the list, I settled on one other name:
  • Kath Soucie 
  • What I saw, the cryptic phrase within is "cat south see/sea"  .  There was no date of birth listed for her either, butt I did take particular note of one of her films:

    For one it was Release in 2000, and the 13 is particularly meaningful to me given my birthday of June 13 and my car crash of 2000 that occurred on December 13... another notable date in the inner twin world scheme of things since they influenced the crash as part of their "Starr Family Production"-- this was a "Key Day"  for me... the main event in my life that enabled me to "see" my inner twin and the inner twin world at work for the first time.  On the films wiki page two of the cast stand out:
    John de Lancie as Colonel John 'Jack' Lynch
    Elizabeth Daily as Freefall / Roxy Spaulding
    Note from their wiki pages:

    • Jonathan "John" de Lancie (born March 20, 1948) 
    • Elizabeth Ann Guttman (born September 11, 1961) Elizabeth Daily
    So we now have a "March _, 19(x2), 20(x2), _/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... AND, 9/11 speaks volumes!!!